Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gunfight At The Chofu Corral Verdy 3 - 2 Mito

Wasteful? Wasted? A Waste? Rough as a dog`s arse?
Crank up the Verdy Clap-O-Meter readers that was an absolute belter of a game. Goals, chances galore and woodwork rattled like a hundred rattlesnakes trapped in a baby rattle factory. A superb fightback and able to hold on till the end. Superb.

The game was an absolutely wide open free for all, the game finished 3-2 but with the chances that came along it really could have finished a 6-6 draw. It was Mito who were to race out into an early lead taking advantage of some slack defending from Verdy and piling forward early. Mito lined up with a solid front pair with Tokiwa and Okamoto getting into some great positions all evening.
The first came from a long goal kick which was taken down in the Mito midfield and passed onto Yuki Shimada between the centre circle and the Verdy box. He went for goal and the Verdy defence stood off and stood off. Shimada seeing his chance let fly from outside the box into the top right corner, Shibasaki getting nowhere near it.
Mito were to quickly extend their lead a few minutes later through Tokiwa though he didn`t know much about it. Yusuke Mori had given away a free kick on the left side of the Verdy box, the ball was driven in low with power and as Tokiwa went to finish he was knocked over by the covering Verdy defenders with the ball bouncing off his standing leg and in. At 2-0 and up until Verdy grabbed one back just before half time Mito were well worth their lead as, though Verdy were gaining most of the  possesion, it was Mito who were creating the clearer opportunities. Just after the second goal, Mito should have made it three with a free header from six yards hitting the base of the post from Okamoto.
However, Verdy were to bring one back before halftime, Yuki Kobayashi lashed a free kick from distance which was top corner bound until Homma saved, unfortunately the keeper could only manage to parry it into the path of Iio (on for the injured Kawano) who was following up for an easy header.
The second half was set for excitement and it didn`t disappoint. Verdy were to draw level with Mori breaking down the right and sending in an inswinging cross for a flying header from Abe just four minutes after the break. At 2-2 the game turned into a slugfest with both teams searching for the knockout blow, this was end to end football and superb entertainment for the crowd. Just two minutes after Abe`s equaliser Junki Koike drove into the box a unleashed a shot bound for the roof of the net until put off course and onto the underside of the bar by the slightest of touches from Shibasaki. A few minutes later it was Tsuchiya`s turn to rattle the woodwork from a Kikuoka corner. Okamoto should have done better from inside the box, blasting over.
The final goal was to come from ex-Mito midfielder Kikuoka who scored for the second time against his former club in three matches. Takahashi released Maranhao down the left channel, he dummied the defender to make space for the cross and found Kikuoka for a toe poke from six yards.
Verdy remained under the most severe pressure for the remainder but hung on for the win. What the hell do we do now? That`s three cracking results on the trot, I don`t know what to say really apart from that long may it continue starting with Bellmare next up on this weekend.
Mito will be absolutely gutted after that, but for once we took our chances while they wasted a shedload of their own.
Onwards and Shonanwards The Boys March On!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

BEWARE!! Thrashing, Mauling, Whipping, Shoeing, Hammering In Progress.. Verdy 4 -0 Fagiano

The Official Tokyo Verdy Thrashing Machine. Who`s Next??
After the 5 goal mauling of Toyama last week The Boys followed up with a 4-0 pasting of Fagiano Okayama. The Tokyo Nerdy 1969 Number Crunching Department number crunchers tell me that is now NINE goals in two games readers and Verdy are banging the goals in faster than Ryan Giggs (allegedly) bags birds he`s not supposed to.
So where has it all come from? Hiroki Kawano that`s where. He has played out of his skin in the last two games to leave FC Utrecht and anyone else watching wondering if the Dutch Cloggers picked up the right "short Japanese guy who plays for Verdy". From setting two up and scoring one himself against Toyama to scoring two and setting one up against Okayama, Kawano has been the catalyst for himself and others to profit.
Kawakatsu did indeed start with two goal hero Takuma Abe in the line up as requested by Tokyo Nerdy 1969 last week albeit in an unfamiliar lone forward role. Maranhao kept his place on the left and Kikuoka switched from a defensive midfield berth to the head of a midfield diamond to support Abe.
Again Verdy were to race into an unassailable lead  scoring two goals in quick succession to leave Okayama reeling. The first after only six minutes came from J2 leading scorer Tiago who very kindly sliced into his own net from an inswinging Kikouka corner. The second was to come just two minutes later. Saeki released Yusuke Mori down the wing who beat his man and drove a low, hard cross in with much pace, Kawano arrived to meet it first time in front of his marker to lash into the the net under the keeper. 2-0 eight minutes gone and Verdy were pressing Okayama continually restricting them to just the  occasional foray into the Verdy half.
Thiago himself was lucky to recieve only a yellow card for a blatant elbow to Shohei Takahashi after just 15 minutes. The two were jostling for position when Tiago seemingly thought Takahashi was wrestling too much so elbowed him straight in the face without looking, Takahashi dropped to the deck (though he does this when somebody breaks wind next to him) and out came the yellow. Probably should have been red but Tiago got the sympathy vote for scoring an own goal, being 2-0 down and the ref probably made up for all the blatant flops from Takahashi in the past.
Takuma Abe played well in his new role getting into some good positions though when push came to shove he fired wide on two occasions when well placed.  In the 33rd minute Kawano was to switch on and light up the grey day at Ajinomoto. Probably one of the best pieces of skill I`ve seen this season and the goal started and finished by himself with some help from himself on the way.  I will put the highlights up when I find them but the backheel flick to release Abe is one of the best passes I`ve seen this year. The ball came to Kawano facing away from the goal, he somehow backheeled it OVER the oncoming defender for the advancing Abe to cross. The ball came in and was only half cleared, Kawano fired, the keeper managaed to tip the shot onto the post the ball rebounded back to Kawano who made no mistake with the second effort.  3-0 at half time and again Shibasaki and Takahashi were trying to run the clock down just before the break. Ugh!!
Into the second half and Verdy continued to press looking for a fourth and along it came courtesy of Maranhao and I imagine the Venforet man is more than pleased to break his duck and open his account for the Greens. That man has had a jungle-full of monkeys on his back for the last two weeks with the chances that have gone begging. Takuma Abe was the architect this time with a superb break down the left crossing over for Kawano to head onto Maranhao who was able to finish the move with a close range header to make it 4-0. Maranhao thanked the heavens for his goal and then got subbed for 15 seconds later for Yoshiaki Takagi to make his final exit. 4-0 nine in two games and life is good on The Good Ship Green. I`m sure a giant shark will come and attack the ship soon and eat all on board but for now, we have a good strong breeze, the skies are blue, we have a bevvy of buxom ladies on board and Ryan Giggs is (allegedly) nowhere in sight to rip through them all before we`ve even said hello.
Onwards an` Ninewards Me Hearties  The Boys Sail On!!

Do you get it? No? Me neither!! Do you love it? Yes? Me Too!!

Flags Ahoy!
Football is allegedly "The World Game" and indeed it may be so; but there can be no question that it is played and especially followed in completely different fashions around the globe. Football is not McDonalds whereby the exact same ingredients are served up in the exact same manner regardless of the country where served. (Even McDonalds failed at universal globalisation as a good friend of Tokyo Nerdy 1969 has travelled the globe sampling Big Macs ALL along the way and we have it on good authority that the lettuce at a McDonalds in Egypt was "a touch dry").
Football is impossible to replicate as the same product the world over and the two "versions" of football that I know and love (English and Japanese) are poles apart at times. The most obvious difference is the nature of support and the way fans relate to their clubs and the individual players within. Two instances stuck with me this weekend readers and I can honestly say that it is unheard of that either would probably ever happen in England.
First of all I spoke with a good friend who often comes to Verdy games with us but due to work commitments he has been unable to attend this season. Next weekend he can get away from work and is off to the FC Tokyo v Gainare match next week with an FC Tokyo supporting Japanese friend. This chap is apparently an ardent FC Tokyo fan currently in uproar over their relegation to J2. This annoyance manifested itself in refusing to attend any matches in J2 up until next weekend as a protest at the manner of the clubs drop to the second tier. So far, not such a big deal. The team gets relegated, fans get pissed off and find something different to do at the weekend. However, this protest came about AFTER buying a season ticket for the 2011 season. Make a protest but make sure you don`t REALLY make one and only actually injure your own wallet in the process? Er......righto.
The second instance relates to the departure of Yoshiaki Takagi to FC Utrecht and the whole business surrounding his final match. Verdy youngster Takagi put pen to paper on a 5 year deal recently to take him to the Eredivise in Holland. It was announced that the match against Fagiano Okayama would be his  final game in Green before departure. The club produced a "Memorial" T-shirt to mark the occasion and the scene was set for Takagi to hopefully give one last blinding performance bag a goal and leave the Verdy faithful with a final golden memory of an exciting player. It wasn`t to be, he came on for the final 30 minutes and was unable to hit the target unfortunately. However, once the game had finished all attention was on Takagi as he waited in the dugout while two goal Man Of The Match Hiroki Kawano was interviewed by the TV crew. Kawano finished up quickly and the camera panned out to Takagi standing in front of the Verdy end with a microphone stand ready to give his goodbye speech. He said the usual "Thank you very much, it`s been great" etc and then the camera cut to a recorded interview given by his older brother and ex-Verdy forward Toshiyuki Takagi. The interview was replayed on the big screen at the away end of Ajinomoto. Takagi Snr reminiscing about their childhood together and how he would miss his little brother when he leaves. Takagi Jnr was then unable to hold back the tears and stood there crying and thanked his brother for all the good times, he signed his boots threw them into the crowd and in doing so said his final goodbye to the Verdy support.
Can you imagine for one second this EVER happening in England? When a star player leaves in England the standard thinking is what a turncoat / money grabbing / Judas / MOFO he is and "yeah he was shit anyway and I hope he dies on his arse at his new club". A tearful goodbye speech and a generous round of applause? More likely a round of abuse and a chant concerning the players wife`s or if not married his own ability to perform certain acts on a well built Alsation.
Many words have been said in other places concerning the nature of Japanese supporters some of it none too complimentary and the same can be said of English supporters and the way we think about our clubs.    To long term followers of Japanese football this goodbye ceremony is absolutely commonplace but if I step back for a second and think about it in terms of English football then it is absolutely bizzare. Seemingly, the key to a better understanding of Japanese football is not to relate it to other versions of "The World Game" but take it as it is, tearful ceremonies, ultra positive, family orientated, fan friendly, warts and all.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tears, Mistaken Identity, Brothers In Arms and The Hiroki Kawano Show Verdy 4-0 Fagiano.

Seems FC Utrecht bought the wrong bloke and there might JUST be something worth watching....unless he gets sold. More to come Sunday night / Monday.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodbye Takagi Mark II

Bollocks!! This time last year there were three Takagi brothers plying their trade in Green.  Following Toshiyuki Takagi`s winter transfer to S-Pulse; that figure is now reduced to ONE with Yoshiaki Takagi signing with FC Utrecht of the Dutch First Division.  Bollocks!! About sums it up though I`m not that surprised as he has ability in abundance and will relish the challenge I`m sure. FC Utrecht played their cards very close to their chest, sneaking this one under the radar and I suppose the reason why we have hardly seen Takagi play this year is because he was going to be sold. One slight surprise is that he is going abroad and nobody from J1 has taken a punt on him.  That`s it then,  two of the three brightest home grown youngsters ever to pull on the Green have been sold. Verdy`s  crown jewels have been cashed in.
Unfortunately of course that leaves a space for Taira Inoue to come back in and stink things up. It will be interesting to see if Hiroki Kawano get`s picked up and if he does we can all put our flags down, put our Verdy key rings away, throw the scarves in the bin, burn the 20,000 Yen uniforms and do something different on a Sunday afternoon as there will be NOTHING worth paying good money to see at Ajinomoto. Economics and the natural want of a player to test himself at a higher level is behind it all and that`s fair enough but it doesn`t make it any less annoying. Bollock!! Bollocks!! Triple Bollocks!!

Toyama Goalfest 2010 / 2011 Highlights

11 goals in two games. Check Abe`s J2 Goal of The Week in the first clip and Kosei Shibasaki`s last gasp winner from 2010. A`ve it!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Y`Abe!! Kataller 1 - 5 Verdy

Takuma Abe Effects Pedal With Dials That Go To 11
Holy smoke what a corker. What better way to blow away the cobwebs of the last few weeks than battering Kataller Toyama? Battering FC Tokyo 5-1 would be better but in the meantime we have to accept what we are given.  Groans all round when the team sheet came out, Hirashige dropped to the bench which given his recent form was probably a smart move. However, Taira Inoue was in his place as a lone striker.....something that has been tried before and is known to be a guaranteed failure. Also, surprisingly Maranhao started at left midfield and Takuma Abe got his first start of the season. It was to be a complete performance from Abe with two goals one assist and some superb all round play. If Kawakatsu dares not to have him in the line up next time out there will be trouble.
The match itself was done and dusted after 30 minutes. Neither team managed a SINGLE effort on goal for the first 25 minutes but Verdy then managed three in just over three crazy minutes. Taira Inoue had already been subbed off injured with Yoshiaki Takagi coming on in his place when the goal action started. Kawano and Tsuchiya have been working the corners well this season and it was Tsuchiya`s dummy run which left Abe free for his first of the year heading straight in at the near post from an identical position to Tsuchiya last week.  Goal number two was an absolute stonker from Abe, one which is on a par with Kaio`s effort for Yokohama FC last week.  Shibasaki punted a long ball downfield, Abe playing as a support striker, seemed to miscontrol it at first to leave him facing away from the goal, however one quick turn later; he hit a thunderbolt from WAY out and watched it rocket into the roof of the net.
Number three came curtesy of a free kick from Hiroki Kawano. He was dangerous all day with his free kicks and his delivery was spot on today. He flighted in a ball from the left for the oncoming strikers to run on to, Yoshiaki Takagi and a defender threw themselves at it, in the process distracting the keeper and the ball evaded all and snuck into the far corner. 3-0 and that was it job done..... Until it got to 4-0. Yukio Tsuchiya was next on the mark and he had even found time to hit the post with an effort just before he did find the target. Again Kawano provided a telling ball from the left over to the far post, Wada headed it across for Tsuchiya to slide in and poke home.
Kataller then pulled one back from a goal mouth scramble to make it 4-1 and to make Verdy think a little before the break. The initial ball came in and Shibasaki, the bar and two Kataller forwards played a good game of pinball before Takeo Kokeguchi was finally on hand to put the ball into the net.
Into the second half and Maranhao missed another open goal (albeit from an acute angle)  and was eventually subbed for Kikuoka. Maranhao had a decent game but always seems as though he`s one step from tripping over. Just doesn`t seem to know what he wants to do for definate when he gets the ball. Anyway, only one easy chance missed instead of two this week so thats a step up. Unsurprisingly the second half was quite a dull affair compared to the first. Kataller had one chance with Yohei Onishi breaking through only to fire straight at Shibasaki. Abe broke clear looking for a hat trick but had a toe poke effort saved by the keeper, Verdy added another in the 83rd minute with Yoshiaki Takagi opening his account for the season. Kikuoka played a long cross ball from right to left and Abe sent a perfectly cushioned header back across goal to leave Takagi with an easy finish from the six yard box. So, 5-1 a complete hammering and thank the lord for that.
Now we have battered somebody at last I have a list of things I want.
1. Takagi in the team from the start next week.
2. Abe in the team from the start next week.
3. Never ever to see Inoue lined up as a forward again for as long as I live.
4. Doi to make a miraculous Bionic Man recovery as Shibasaki is D-O-D-G-Y.
5. Shohei Takahashi tied to a post and flogged for time wasting 32 minutes into a game when leading by three goals.
6. Another 5-1 next week.
7. I want to know why Takagi has hardly played all year when he was one of the star players last year.
8. A reason for why Maranhao, Apodi, Ishikawa have played a total of about 90 minutes this season between them. If they are shit (which appears to be the case so far though jury is still out on Apodi), why did they get signed?
Having ten reasons probably looks better but I can`t think of anything else. Onwards and Most Definately Upwards The Boys March On!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bad-a -Bing-Bad -a- Boom! Color Me Badd.....Verdy 1 - 3 Thespa.

They Wanna Sex You Up!!!
J1 next season? If someone asked me that question with a mouth full of cornflakes I`d have to put my spoon down, get a cloth and mop up the mess that I`d just spat on the table.  Or keep the cornflakes in my mouth wanting to swallow but unable to because I can`t stop laughing. Yesterday`s loss was served up with a pinch of bad luck but a smothering of bad play.
So where to start....the matched kicked off and once again Verdy were caught napping early on. The game was only three minutes old when Thespa`s Brazilian import Rafinha intercepted a pass aimed for Takahashi, Fukatsu slipped when about to make a challenge to leave Rafinha clean through with the easy task of beating Shibasaki. Bottom corner, 1-0 and Verdy were all over the place. For the first 10 minutes Verdy were clueless, Thespa had so much time on the ball and piled forward in waves at every opportunity. After the 15 minute mark Verdy settled a little and even fashioned a couple of chances themselves with Hirashige and Inoue both missing the target with headers when well placed. Thespa`s Brazilians combined well just before the break with Shibasaki getting down smartly to save a rasping drive from Alex. At the break Thespa were ahead on points but Verdy were still in with a shout for sure. 
In the second half things went from bad to worse and Hiroki Bandai had already stumbled and fluffed an easy chance when he made it 2-0 on 56 minutes. Thespa broke quickly down the right and had Rafinha unmarked on the overlap, his fizzing shot was screamed past Shibasaki only to be blocked by a diving Tsuchiya. Unfortunately, his block left Bandai with the easiest of tap ins. So two goals down and that was it I thought game over. However, I was wrong as after this Verdy were to come roaring back to life only to once again balls it up big style.
Kawakatsu went to the bench bringing on Kikuoka for Kobayashi and just a few minutes later Verdy were back in it. Hiroki Kawano swung in a near post corner and Tsuchiya was on hand with a powerful header the keeper had no chance with. It was a nice change up as Kawano had gone long on all corners previously with little success.  Kawakatsu then went to the bench again bring in Maranhao for the utterly anonymous Hirashige for only his second appearance of the season following his loan from Kofu. And WHAT A NIGHTMARE game he had. I don`t want to criticise him too much as the bloke will be feeling lower than the World`s Shortest Man this morning. To miss an easy chance is annoying but to miss TWO from in and around the six yard box is the stuff of nightmares. The first one came from a Kawano corner, and the onrushing Maranhao somehow spooned the ball first time from about 3 yards up and over the bar. A shocking miss and another was to come for Maranhao on 70 minutes with game finely balanced. Maranhao created the chance himself when the keeper was surprisingly unable to hold his weak shot from outside the box, Iio was on hand to lay it back to Maranhao who went for power and succeeded only in screwing it wide. Two unbelievable misses. 
Next came a completely bizzare sending off with Kazunori Iio recieving his marching orders presumably for something said to or about the referee. The ball had gone for a throw-in and the linesman flagged for the referee to come over. They had a conflab and the upshot was Iio going straight in for his early bath. There had been no challenge on anybody, no pushing or shoving, no handbags, no moment of controversy nothing. Presumably Iio just let his frustration boil over and popped out while everyone was waiting for the throw in, impregnated the referee`s daughter, keyed his car and left a big one unflushed in the referee`s bath. The linesman grassed him up and that was that. 
Tokyo Verdy Official Kazunori Iio Soap
The final salt in the wound came in injury time with Thespa carving open the Verdy defence with a nice move through a shattered and battered Verdy back line. 3-1 loss, Verdy in bits and supporters boo-ing like hell at the end.
Finally a quick word about Color Me Badd. Are Verdy as bad as Color Me Badd? They are as annoying as Color Me Badd but on the plus side Verdy don`t sing about "Sexing You Up". Phew! Next week it`s Toyama away scene of a superb 3-2 last gasp win last season. 
Onwards and Thankfully Not Sexed Up By Color Me Badd The Boys March On!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If`s and But`s....

Looks Rock N` Roll but is actually pointless.
7 points down the drain in the last three games whereas last season they would have been in the bank. The Boys would be in 6th place if we had been a bit more clinical and lucky. Penalty missed against Oita, Blatant, absolute, 100 per cent, stonewall, last minute, penalty missed by the referee against Gainare and complete balls up against Yokohama. If these had all gone our way we`d be one point off a promotion place and looking good. However, we aren`t. We are 8 points off promotion and looking less than dangerous. Also, if I`d picked the right numbers in Toto this week I`d be living on a yatch off the Hawaii coast doing nothing all day, but I`m not so the above stats mean nothing. The If`s and But`s  didn`t happen so please ignore all of the above. Pointless.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Up, Down, Annoyance......and Time to Hang Up the Cape Superman? Yokohama 2 -1 Verdy

King Kazu Spotted At Yokohama Bus Sation.`s the weekend, work is finished, I`ve got beers in the fridge and the first barbecue of the season tomorrow. Down...the absolute shitter of a football game I`ve just watched. One of those when you know the points are in the bag, the other team are absolute garbage but somehow the points don`t end up in the pocket at the final whistle. In simple terms how the hell did Verdy not win today?
Verdy went in at halftime 1-0  and a man up with Yokohama`s best offering a Kazu special from distance that probably got called as a home run for the Baystars and another "King" header that to be fair was a bit closer. The answer? Tokyo Verdy are Tokyo Verdy.  Can`t deny it, can`t blame poor refereeing, we were cruising more than the ever so not gay Tom Cruise at half time but still managed to shoot ourselves in the foot, ankle, knee, inner thigh, ballbag and bellend by the final whistle.
First half was pretty dull; on the stats three "shots" each though ours were a goal from Fukatsu for his first of the season, a Kikuoka free kick up and over the wall that came back off the joint from just outside the box and another snapshot from Kikuoka unfortunately straight at Seki in the Yokohama goal.
Verdy opened the scoring through Fukatsu after good work and a cross from Iio on the left, Ideguchi making his Yokohama debut looked to be favourite to clear the ball until he missed it completely and Fukatsu was on hand for an easy "whack" in as centre halves don`t deal in taps they generally whack it in to make sure even from two yards.
Following this, the game was to swing massively in Verdy`s favour (you would have thought) after Hakkaku picked up his second yellow of the game on a poor decision from the referee and ABSOLUTE SHIT play acting from Verdy left back Shohei Takahashi.......again.  Last year Verdy took 3 points from a late penalty on an embarrassingly blatant dive from Takahashi and today Takahashi did his utmost to get Hakkaku sent off. I`m red faced thinking about it and if I was his manager I`d slap him from here to the Chofu District Pub League for such nonsense. The ball was laid back to Takahashi who cleared and to be fair Hakkaku did catch Takahashi`s clearing leg late. However, Takahashi proceeded to half get up after the challenge, saw the ball had THEN gone out of play and the referee had his whistle to his mouth.....cue re-flop to the deck, writhing and much agony. Wanker.
So half time and I was thinking 3 points in the bag and probably a couple more goals in the second half and I was absolutely bang on the money except the goals going in the wrong damn end. Five minutes (actually three minutes) and that was it.
Yokohama made a double substitution at half time with veterans Takachi and Terada coming on for the ineffectual Fujita and Kazu. And what a difference that made. Takachi put the game to bed single handedly scoring twice within  minutes of the re-start to once again throw the man "advantage" out the window. First time he was played through but Tsuchiya  looked to have done enough to clear the ball until a last flick from Takachi slipped the ball past a shaky Shibasaki from six yards just inside the post. A shell shocked Verdy were then slapped with another this time Takachi beating Shibasaki to a through ball and finishing nicely with the outside of his left boot. The confidence then visibly drained from Verdy with the boys struggling to create much in the remainder. Yokohama themselves so utterly punchless in the first half were now first to every 50/50 ball and with the bit between their teeth started to impose themselves on the game and played out the remainder with an assurance that has only been seen in fits and starts this year.

So, to the Kazu conundrum. What do you do when a super hero loses his powers? Kazu Miura has been a revelation since the earthquake. He has provided inspiration and done a superb job inadvertantly (some say...) becoming the face of the J-League`s effort to raise funds for the earthquake victims. However, in sports there comes a time when even the most venerable players who have wowed audiences in their prime have to realise their time is up. No doubt about it, Kazu talks a good game and does a lot of shouting and pointing when he plays urging team mates on and telling them where they should be. However, when the shouter and pointer is unable to be in those places himself at the right times it`s time to go. Basically, if Kazu were a racehorse, he would be grazing happily in a sun filled meadow munching happily on the sweetest green grass before the grand finale of inspiring the kids of the nation from their gluepots.
Finally, what are Verdy going to do this season? Comfortably stay in J2 on yesterdays evidence. 1-0 up in absolute control playing against 10 men currently routed to the bottom of the league. To finish up losing 2-1 is an absolute sickener but that`s what Verdy do isn`t it? Get in a good position and balls it up royal style.  Anyway, I refuse to be downhearted. I am going to the supermarket in a minute to drown myself in sausages and steak and my chicken legs have been marinating over night. The sun is peeping through the clouds and there is always next week. I`m a football lover even when it`s the most annoying game in the world. Onwards and Sausagewards The Boys BBQ On!!

The Biggest KNOBHEAD In Japanese Football???

A few games ago we reported on a top day out at the Tokyo Derby and a possible interview on Japanese telly. Well thanks to the wonders of Youtube/Twitter and the boys over at On The Gas... said TV "interview" has come to light. For non-Japanese speakers, please take note of the bile inducingly embarrassing crap in the studio.... and for the Japanese speakers out there, please take note of the "scary foreigners" crap at the end of the piece.....take a bow Mr. Jonathon Sieger!!!  Tokyo Nerdy`s Inaugural Penis Of The Season!!