Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smacked Up and Battered!!!

Sean Connery reckons it`s OK to smack your wife up as long as it`s with an open hand. Apparently his Mrs hasn`t complained in 31 years of wedlock.......though she probably did, but just the once mind. Our mate in the picture is just about to go for the "backhander". A tricky manouver but when administered correctly, akin to The Crane Kick in The Karate Kid. An undefendable finisher. "`Ave it you slaaaaag!!"
Speaking of which,Verdy were on the recieving end of a  5-0 (not so) happyslapping  administered by Yokohama FC in the latest training game.Can`t think of many good points to report on a result like that so we`ll give you the line ups and leave it at that eh??
First Two Halves
GK: Suzuki
DF Fukuda
DF Tsuchiya
DF Takahashi
DF Hiramoto
MF Shibasaki
MF Kikuoka
MF Takagi (Youth)
MF Iio
MF Takagi (Shun)
FW Inoue

3rd Half
GK: Shibasaki [Takashi]
DF Wada
DF Iida
DF Fukui
DF Yoshida
MF Takano (Youth)
MF Adebayor
MF Mukai
MF Lee
MF Tomidokoro
FW Minami (Youth)
El Golazo had a good feature on the J League U-18 All Stars v All Japan University friendly to be played before the Xerox Cup this afternoon. Verdy Youth youngster Shun Takagi was listed as the "Key Man" in the J League squad.  A young player seemingly going places, though probably not with Verdy if he is indeed, any good. Let`s wait and see him in action!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Lights!! Camera!! Goat!! Grandad!!.....a-n-d Action!!

Verdy continued their pre-season playtime with a couple of match ups against FC Rukyu and J2 rivals Thespa Kusatsu. First up, a youthful Verdy line up (featuring 6 youth squad members and a certain Eugene Killoran.....) registered a 1-1 draw with FC Rukyu on a goal from youth squad member Takano. The more experienced line up took to field yesterday to record a win with Tsuchiya providing the winner in the first half.
Thespa Kusatsu line up:

DF Fukuda
DF Tsuchiya
DF Takahashi
DF Hiramoto
MF Shibasaki
MF Kikuoka
MF Kobayashi (Youth)
MF Iio
MF Abe
FW Inoue

An (ever so mildly...) interesting note is the continued presence of Kobayashi in the "more experienced" camp. Seemingly Kawakatsu is a fan. We at Tokyo Nerdy are becoming well bored with this pre-season junk..... give us a real game!! Get a bleedin` move on will ya??!! Our (footy) nuts are loaded like watermelons already but,  pre-season is unfortunately akin to animal pornography featuring members of your own family. It`s great because it`s porn, but ultimately frustrating  because it`s unusable.... Humph!! Roll on March 14th.....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Apologies Sigurros...

The schedule for this week has been announced but unfortunately the only friendlies arranged are training matches to be held at Verdy Grounds (Verdy`s Training Ground not the place where they play league games). You will of course be welcome to go and watch but the nature of the match will be exactly that:Training Matches. No tickets required, just turn up. If you still want to see the boys warming up and trotting about (you must be mental if you do??) they have a match against FC Rykyu (J3) on 20th of Feb KO is 2.00 Alternatively they have another warm up against Thespa Kusatsu on 21st KO is 1.00. Please note, these are not proper games. Here are a couple of pics from the Machida Zelvia game. As you can see, not exactly the Bernabau......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Done by Machida!!

The following line up was done 1-0 over 90 minutes  by Machida Zelvia (currently JFL "J3" though .very possible J2`ers come 2011 season) at the Verdy Grounds today
GK:Shibasaki [Takashi]
DF Fukuda
DF Tsuchiya
DF Takahashi
DF Hiramoto (!!)
MF Shibasaki [Akira],
MF Kikuoka
MF Kobayashi (Youth)
MF Tomidokoro
MF Abe
FW Inoue
Still no Doi or Kawano and still no news of any "proper" friendlies.

Sports papers eh?? Bunch of Arse!!

"It was all the Sponichi`s fault they are full of (sh)it.....we are safe, thankyou for worrying, it`s true we have no money, but the J League already know we have no money so it`s OK.  We are using a new business model whereby we fund ourselves on an ongoing basis instead of supplying a big lump of cash up front. As you were ladies and gentlemen"  Is the basic jist of the statement released today on the Verdy website concerning yesterdays story in the Sponichi. Nice one!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Knackered After All??

Sponichi is reporting serious problems with Verdy`s application to be allowed to compete in the J League this turns out the 500,000,0000円 required to begin the season had only been "pledged". Seemingly, now the time has come to stump up the cash, low and behold we haven`t got it!! The original agreement was that the money had to be provided by February 17th otherwise we will be out. Gulp!! Our one glimmer of hope lies in that Sports papers are generally as reliable as a British Rail train so let`s wait and see if the proper papers are reporting it later on......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Monkey On Acid In MJS Boardroom Shocker!!

Monkey On Acid In MJS Boardroom Shocker!!

Well according to the Verdy Dreams Foundation set up by MJS (Verdy`s chief sponsor) "Tokyo Verdy Crowned World Champions!!" is what the headlines are actually going to read across the newspapers of the world in 2024.  Now I`m all for having a positive outlook in life and I don`t want to poo-poo an idea that I would love to see happen ...BUT what kind of drugs are the people at MJS on?? That must be the strongest acid ever sampled. In the MJS world, hand towels become speaking baby seals laughing at you as giggle uncontrolably unable to go to the bathroom. Music is too scary to listen to and the most inanimate objects take the form of the most sinister beings. Hellfudge!! What is going on there??
The plan is that Verdy fans across the country give 20,000Yen (minimum) to the foundation and this money is invested by MJS for the good of the club. The club then gives the new members discounts on things like match tickets, merchandising etc. in return. This money will then be swept up into a huge pile big enough to fill Ajinomoto and fund the growth of the club into the world beating Green Machine of 2024. This is the plan apparently:
Stage One 2010- 2012
Become profitable, establish a competetive team (no shit Sherlock!!), improve training facilities, increase sponsorship and increase support in the hometown area.
Stage Two  2013 - 2016
Increase business base
Become one of Top3 teams in J1
Become Top 5 team in terms of attendance
Have the best training facilities in the country
Expand non-football businesses
Stage Three 2017 - 2020
Maintain Top 3 status in terms of attendance
Win J League, Nabisco Cup and Emperors Cup
Have a 50th Anniversary knees-up
Stage Four 2021 - 2024
Become richest club in Japan
Maintain highest attendance
Win World Club Championship
Build a new stadium inside a volcano, hold the world to ransom only to be foiled by a bird in a bikini and a robot car.
Easy as that eh!! Crack cocaine has a lot to answer for.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Pack away the BBQ, take down the tent, put those damn guitars away, pick up you`re litter (or not if in the UK) shove it all in the van and sleep all the way home.Verdy`s pre-season Training Camp has finished!!  The final match up saw the Greens batter Miyazaki Industrial Management (or something??) University. 8-2 was your final. We won, they didn`t,but they were probably rubbish anyway so.....Righto so training camp is done, what next?? Any chance of the traditional pre-season Tokyo Derby friendly?? Let`s hope so, it`d be our biggest gate earner for the season.
Ho-hum.....I don`t know if I should tell you this but, "APPARENTLY"  Verdy are going to win the World Club Championships in 2024!! Brilliant can`t wait for that!!! More to come on that bollocks  tomorrow......(or maybe Monday) or maybe bloody never as it`s more wear and tear on my fingers than is worth reporting. Our old friend Steve "Nostradamus" Soilent Green nailed the point about how Verdy can`t do things by half in his article here ...a good read and absolutely bang on (unfortunately for Verdy fans everywhere). Makes Omiya`s "Qualifying for The Asian Champs League Sometime Soon" promise seem a walk in the park.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Camper Than a Row of...

Todys bashup saw the Greens take on Tokushima Vortis in another 3 half affair. Some of the more seasoned players took to the field today against one of our rivals for this season. Sugawara, Tsuchiya, Iio and Hiramoto (seemingly at left back again??!!) all saw action in what was seemingly a close affair. 0-0 for the first two halves and Tokushima popped up with the winner in the last half, when we had a more youthful line out. The team is beginning to take shape, though we still haven`t seen hide nor hair of Kawano or Doi. We have been setting up in what looks like a 4-5-1 formation in the training games with the youthful running of Tomidokoro and Takagi providing the the spearhead for attacks. Not sure I like the sound of it but very difficult to tell without seeing it in action. The jury is out on that one. Hiramoto was on for the first two halves in his new position, again ZERO goals conceded.....well he doesn`t score many so why not have him stopping them?  Give him something to do of a Sunday afternoon aside from pottering around the house in his jim-jams his biggest decision being whether to bother getting dressed or not.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Nerdy Years (Part 4)

Would you look at the state of that boys hair. An absolute disgrace.
It was the end of 2006 season when I first saw Hulk in action. I had seen him be sitting in the stands while suspended for Consadole with a perm and and a brace on his teeth in an earlier game at Atsubetsu Stadium on TV. At the time there was a rumour that Verdy were interested in him and Ramos was going to make the move. I was sat with Mrs Nerdy, my daughter and about 15 other away supporters  who had made the trip to the best place in the world to watch football by a mile ;Sapporo Dome. He still had the perm, would shoot from anywhere and was generally moaning to the ref, his teammates, anybody within earshot. I thought he`d be great for us. And for once I was bloody right.
Never have I seen a player so thoroughly carry the whole club as he did for Verdy in 2007. Goals galore, red cards, bookings a-plenty, toys thrown out the pram on many ocassions but best of all, raw excitement. When he got the ball, you knew something was going to happen. He`d bulldoze through a defence as if it wasn`t there and bladder the ball into row Z, or more often than anyone else in Japan, into the top corner. There were some who suggested his selfish attitude didn`t suit the J-League, well they are probably right but only because that kind of "lets be nice" bollocks died out with the advent of the crossbar and shorts that stopped coming down to the knees (first time round.....) in most other leagues. He didn`t suit the J-League because he was better than all the other strikers in either J1 or J2.
So he has been and gone and it was great while it lasted. Verdy have stumbled on since his departure and I very much doubt we will see his like again in Green. However, we at Tokyo Nerdy understand that players come and go, the seasons change, the wind blows the other way even if you turn your bike around and that Verdy will always be there. (unless they do eventually go bankrupt, in which case please dismiss the rest of this as complete arse).
They were there as I sat by myself on a sunny afternoon in May 2003 the day before I got married. Contemplating my future while watching another defeat. They were there replaying at 3.00 in the morning on NTV every weekend until I worked out how to connect the damn video to the TV before the advent of Sky TV in my house. The wife used to get up and watch too in those days. Wouldn`t even cross my mind to ask these days of course. The story is always there. Doesn`t matter in the long run whether they win or lose, following the story is the entertainment. The crisis that unfolded over this close season doesn`t seem surprising at all. There is usually something going wrong at Verdy. This is what makes them interesting, although they started off amazing they have always been next to useless during my tenure (Emperors Cup win aside). The underdog, the poor relation. the joke. We have hardly any supporters, the atmosphere at the stadium is awful (even with the microphones in front of the crowd.....)you`ll never see a wide angled camera shot on TV because it shows just how many empty seats there are. We have no players anyone has heard of, we just loaned out our top scorer of 2009, we had a womens team manager, we have no money, we have no shirt sponsor for the second season running, we have only 3 strikers one of which has been moonlighting as a I need to spell it out further??
Tokyo Verdy are absolute dogshit. However, once you accept this to be the case, being a fan is a lot easier. To be a Verdy fan is to be the Masters dog scrabbling under the table, barking at the mirror, happily licking away at your own balls. Often you`ll end up being twatted  with a rolled up newspaper, but that`s your lot in life. Accept it, brace yourself for the newspaper parts, enjoy the ball licking and who knows??  if you`re a particularly good looking "well built" Alsation, seemingly there could be an offer of work servicing frustrated  housewives.....Onwards and Upwards Verdy March ON!!!!

Unbeaten Streak???

The Greens blitzed a High School team today 6-0 to begin the first unbeaten streak of the season. Mukai opened up the scoring in 3 minutes, Kobayashi (Youth) chipped with one before Tomidokuru netted four as a lone striker.. Just like our streak doesn`t count (High School kids don`t provide much of a test for a supposedly professional side) neither does this guys. Socks and shoes still clearly on, an amateur-ish effort in my book.
Next up Tokushima Vortis tomorrow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"F" Off.....!!

Round Two of the pre-season friendlies was completed today down in a Miyazaki-ken, and the good news is that the Boys in Green came out 2-0 winners in another game of three halves against Yokohama "F" Marinos. According to the line up, Hiramoto played in defence....(???!!!) for two halves and Verdy won through a Shun Takagi penalty and a further strike from Kono Abe. So that`s the first win of season folks, ok so it`s only pre-season junk but A WIN IS A WIN!!! Onwards and Upwards The Boys March On!! with Hiramoto as the new defensive stalwart? To be honest looking at his stats, (278 games / 55 goals.... that is SHITE for a forward!!)  A decent centre half with any kind of oversized noggin lurking around the box at corners can do those numbers. Has he been played out of position for all these years?? You`ll note we didn`t concede with Big Kazuki at the back.......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And then there were 3....

Masashi Oguro has gone to Yokohama FC on loan so we are left with three strikers at present....Hiramoto, Iio and Inoue. Jesus!!Strikers Please!! Our richest (only??)) source of goals has been loaned to one of the worst teams in the league in 2009. What`s that about?? Have Yokohama FC got some money from somewhere?? I know Yokohama FC takes up all the ex Japan has beens but there is no way Oguro is anywhere near the  King Kazu stage yet. He could still do a job tapping in from the six yard box at the lower end of J1 without a doubt. Surprised there, not to see him leave as his salary would have been a CHUNK for a team without any money, but surprised to see where he has gone. Maybe he thought they said "Marinos" at the interview....