Wednesday, March 23, 2011

J-League Returns...

April 23rd/24th first up Ehime at Komozawa. Not the most auspicious of home openers but we`ll take it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bits and Pieces

The League will re-start one day and so will Tokyo Nerdy1969. In the meantime a couple of snippets of information, Verdy`s Brazillian contingent Maranhao and Apodi have returned to Brazil until such time as it looks like the League will re-start. At the moment they are scheduled to return on the 26th of March.
Verdy held a charity fair in aid of the victims of the tsunami and earthquake. The J-League will also be holding a benefit match and Tokyo Nerdy will  be donnning the lycra and participating in a charity bike ride. Swollen knees and backache a small price to pay in view of the on going crisis in the north east of the country.
A good friend of the site has set up a Red Cross charity donation site here and if you feel like you can contribute, please feel give generously.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

No Game On Sunday.

J-League sinks into absolute insignificance compared to the tragedy of today. Fuck football who gives a shit.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wolf Nipple Chip Freeby Jeebies

After the resounding success of the Save Our Verdy game last season which drew a spectacular 25,000 supporters, the marketing boffins have come up with an "All For Verdy" theme for the home opener against Mito. T-shirts, scarves, pens and all other manner of junk is available on special offer or given away for free to the altogether more sober first 3,000 through the doors. I hereby call first dibs on any opportunity to purchase a pair of Ramos` loafers or his Captain Birdseye jacket from the J2 promotion season.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Doi Crogged??

One of the surprises of the line up today was the omission of 2010 Number 1 Yoichi Doi and according to the Verdy website, there have been "complications" concerning his medical. Let`s hope it`s nothing serious and he will be back between the sticks, balling at Tomisawa and Co. sooner rather than later.

Blue Balls.....Kumamoto 1 - 0 Verdy

Life Begins at 46
The new season is up and running and Verdy started 2011 exactly the same as 2010 with a defeat to Roasso Kumamoto. Kawakatsu flumoxed everyone with his line up, Shibasaki starting in goal, new signing Fukatsu partnering Tsuchiya in the middle with Tomisawa playing in an unfamiliar defensive midfield role. Up top Kawakatsu went with Ichikawa and Hiramoto but after all the excitement of buying a whole new strikeforce, it was disappointing not to see the Green Machine blow their collective attacking load all over Kumamoto. Though this was not for the want of trying.
So how did the new guys get on? Well Ichikawa did exactly what was predicted by our friends at GGOA, snatching at his chances and getting subbed at half time for his troubles. He had the chance of the match for the Greens after breaking through around the 20 minute mark, rounded the keeper and inexplicably blasted over the bar from the edge of the box. Maybe he slipped, but from that position he has to score. He also scuffed another effort and won`t be happy with his debut. Roasso themselves found the net twice in the first half, Verdy escaping once by the skin of the linesmans flag though there was to be no such luck with the second; ex-Verdy  midfielder Shingo Nejime doing the damage with a 30 yard piledriver, helped by a wicked deflection off Fukatsu to leave Shibasaki stranded.
Half time came and off went Ichikawa for new Brazillian Maranhao and he did his chances of being first pick next week no harm with a lively display down the left, some neat passing and seemingly a bit of pace. It all came to nothing but the goods are there, if he can get the service. And there lay the crux of the problem today. The midfield was dominated by Roasso with Fabio a constant thorn in Verdy`s side. He`s big and gangly and put himself absolutely everywhere. The only blot on his copybook a dreadful miss with just Shibasaki to beat. Shibasaki himself looked shaky with his distribution but pulled off a nice save to tip over a looping header. The jury is still out on Fukatsu, he looked weak in comparison to the evergreen Tsuchiya, who was my pick for man of the match for us today. He threw himself in front of everything, including Fabio`s shoulder for a painfull bang on the cheek.
Roasso took the three points and probably deservedly so; we had chances but didn`t take them. Ichikawa missed one sitter and another reasonable chance, Kawano headed over when free on the edge of the six yard box and a good few times the last pass was missing in the final third.  Next week sees the visit of Mito Hollyhock who had an excellent result against Sanga, but let`s hope they revert to last season and are willing to be be blitzed.... Onwards and Upwards, The Boys March On!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!

From Shaun William Ryder....
J-League is back tomorrow and Verdy are back on Sunday. Here we go again!! All aboard The Good Ship Green!! We might go up, we might stay down, we might go in, we might go out but no one is more likely to shake it all about in an ill fitting leotard, flourescent headband and leg warmers than Tokyo Verdy.
 It`s been a long 17 weekends since the easy win over Mito in the last game of 2010, a ton of forwards have been bought in the off season, Verdy have blitzed all comers in pre-season (bar one) but now it`s time to see for real how good the 2011 vintage is. Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!!