Thursday, April 29, 2010

Verdy BATTER Mito!!!

At last something to cheer about folks!! 4-0 to the Boys this afternoon and a scoreline worthy of the performance. The Boys shook off the disappointment of the Venforet game with aplomb and sent Mito back to their basket red eyed, arses slapped and bottom lips a-quivering. Hiramoto FINALLY got to start up front and look at the result?? He was first on the board with a header at the near post which to be honest the keeper should have done better with. Cross came from Kikuoka who was to score the second just after half time after neat work on the edge of the box from Kawano to put him through. Again questions will be asked about the Mito keeper as he let the shot go "through" him.  Number three was to follow on a bullet strike from Shibasaki, (again set up by Kawano) from fully 25 yards out a corker into the top corner and finally to really rub salt into the wounds Naoya Saeki chipped in with number four again from distance to send the Verdy faithfull home delighted.
So where do we go from here?? Hiramoto must play from the start whenever possible as he is simply by far the most effective forward we have. With him in the team we have a striker who knows what he is doing. He might not score very often but you know when he has a clear cut opportunity he is the most likely to bury it. Kawano was also great today setting up three of the four goals though he did pick up a booking which (I think) rules him out of the next game. The defence has had a settled line up recently and it appears to be paying dividends. Mito had one or two good chances which they missed rather than the defence or Doi saving the day, but by and large they handled Mito`s limp attack with ease. 
On a more serious note, what is it with modernday footballers and accessories?? It was a warm 18 Degree sunny afternoon and yet the Mito "forward" Endo took to field in a pair of gloves (along with his regulation J-League `laccy band round the head to hold his wig in place). This is Ibaraki in spring not Hokkaido in winter!! Time was when you wore a generous handful  of Brylcream, a top, shorts, socks and boots with the ocassional pair of tracky bottoms for the goalie on particlarly cold afternoon.. These days its under armour, headbands, cycling shorts,ring coverers, neckscarves, tights, body stockings, knee supports, plasters on the nose, the list is endless.....the tights and gloves were started off by John Barnes in the 80`s at Liverpool and the `laccy band by some Italian bloke probably or maybe by Argentine coke fiend and best pal of Maradona; Claudio Cannigia. Who would have thought they would be responsible for the creation multi million dollar industries just from being a big woman and not going to the barbers?? From the smallest acorns grow the mightiest oaks indeed!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bonnie Taira....

Bonnie Tyler or Bonnie Taira?? Who will Kawakatsu pick for the Mito game?? I`d go for the Scottish mulleted warbler or as the French say "Les Mulleteer". Right so Bonnie Tyler to be paired up with Hiramoto, Kawano and Sheena Easton working the flanks. One Nolan Sister each for Tsuchiya and Tomisawa and some giant lard ass black American gospel type for Doi. May the best team win!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off with his leg!!! What??

What`s that Mr. Duggan?? Chop it clean off with a filthy, rusty  Hacksaw??....RIGHT off? Wrap it in newsapaper??? LetterPack 500 with tracking number you say???........YES and NO...... YES! YES! YES!! Because Taira Inoue is absolutely not cut out for J2.... but NO! NO! NO! NO! because it`s not his fault that he`s in a league above his level or at least his feet are in a league above their level. OK, Jim, cut his feet off but you can leave the legs.
It`s time to call in Kawaktusu`s number....what the hell is he doing playing Inoue up front on his own again?? The guy is powder puff to the confidence, no ability to hold the ball and when through 1-on-1 with the keeper this evening.......JESUS F##########KKKKIN CHRIST!!!!!!  If you are bottom of the league and a chance comes along on a silver platter, with the waitress asking which hole "Sir" would prefer the goods blown`ve at least gottta make the waitress earn a tip!!!  Also, what the hell was he doing trying to convert our best striker (last seasons 3rd best before Oguro and Hayashi left) Hiramoto into a bloody left back??  To be fair after Inoue`s nightmare of a half, he brought Hiramoto on and though he didn`t score, he looked like he might score another goal in the remainder of his career.
Game wise it was an entertaining affair with Verdy on the attack from the off.......albeit a couple of pityfull "shots"  from Iiio and Inoue. Inoue picked up a booking early doors from the lightest of challenges and this was to set up his lacklustre afternoon. The Venforet pairing of Maranhao and Kim looked dangerous throughout with some great interplay, a real handful for Tsuchiya and Tomisawa. The game was played at a good pace with opportunities coming and going and a golden opportunity for Inoue....after being put through by Tsuchiya he raced to the goal, no defenders anywhere near him, just the goalie to beat and "let rip" with a pea roller across the keeper that trundled tamely past the post. The word lame doesn`t even begin to describe the attempt. Embarrassing?? Shameful?? Nope, just normal for him........The second talking point of the first half involved Tomisawa and a blatant handball in the box, seen by everybody in the stadium and sitting at home.....apart from the referee. A lucky escape indeed. Half time came and at this point probably Kofu had had the better of the exchanges but we were still in it. Into the second half and Venforet took the lead with a simple 3 pass move. The Verdy reargaurd was sliced open to leave Kim with an easy header from the six yard box. Three quick passes, bing-bing-bing and Doi was picking the ball out of the back of the net. A slick move.
Hiramoto had come on at half time for Inoue and even though he didn`t do much, he at least gave a presence and kept the ball when it was played up to him. Inoue apart from his dreadful miss couldn`t hold the ball or pass to his own player. With Hiramoto, the options opened up as the ball wasn`t given straight back to the opposition. Verdy were to equalise in the 80th minute from Toshiyuki Takagi`s (another stonewaller this time seen by the referee) penalty to register his first J League goal. 1-1 looked to be the final score....but whereas last week we scooped 3 points in the last minute we were on the recieving end this week....and how much did that hurt!!?? Our own fault though, as if the opposition brings on a beanpole (Mike "3m" Havenaar) you`d think it might be obvious that the high balls might rain down into the box. They did indeed and Havenaar nodded one off the bar and no Verdy defenders had bothered to follow up on the rebound leaving a simple tap in for the Kofu striker. Schoolboy defending and kindergarton finishing cost us this weekend. You make your own luck and when we had our simple chance , Inoue fluffed it and when Venforet had two simple chances of their own, they scored, BOTH TIMES. Humph!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Venforet Kofu

Come from an amazing area of Japan with some of the countries best onsens, mountains, food, hiking, walking trails for the not so energetic, scenery and general all round wholesome goodness. All within a single train ride from the giant stinkin` metropolitan, hellhole that is Tokyo in summer. It won`t be long before the heat will be turned up, the sweat will begin to pour, tempers will flair and the mountains will call. For the moment though it`s still cold and the wallet says I`m happy to stay home and watch the game on TV. Right, so Kofu?? Who are they??
They are seventh at the moment and probably punching at about their correct weight. They have recent J1 experience and will be looking to get back there seriously rather than dreaming about it like many other teams in the League. Will they beat us?? Or will Verdy`s hamster bite attack metamorph into a mighty Great Green shark, tearing flesh, limb from limb on a TV Eat-a-Thon?? The Hamster Attack is more likely and the Green Shark will probably turn out to be inflatable, take hours to pump up and ultimately look bigger and better on the box.....

Monday, April 19, 2010

From Riches to Rags via A Clockwork Bellend....WHAT A DAY!!

It was a trip to opposite ends of the Japanese football spectrum this weekend folks!! From the heights of a ding dong battle at the top of J1 to the depths of depravity and despair at the bottom of J2. So first up, the events at Saitama Stadium 2002. Quite simply put, for anyone who is a football fan either coming in from abroad or who is already here, be it for a short holiday or if you are starting a new job in Japan, be sure to make the effort and get along to an Urawa Red Diamonds home game. You will not fail to be dissappointed. Either love them or hate them (and let`s face it most non-Urawa fans hate them), you can`t help but be impressed by the atmosphere the Urawa fans generate in their home stadium. A cacophony of singing, shouting, chanting and booing for 90 minutes solid. Truly amazing and a depressing reminder of how Urawa are everything Verdy aren`t. There can`t be many more impressive experiences in Japanese football than watching and hearing the fans on the giant  north goal stand singing and jumping about  in unison. Truly amazing!!  More amazement was to come with the Urawa choice of  run on music...none other than the UK`s 1990`s premier chav boyband East 17 and "House of Love". It ranks up there with the shite that gets played at FC Tokyo by DJ Spunkbridge "The Poshest DJ on the Planet"  and that is saying something.... Whoever sorts out the music in the J-League needs to be told in no uncertain terms to sort it out!!
East 17 (pictured) one assumes before they got anorexia, ran themselves over with their own car, attempted suicide, were allegedly bummed ragged by their manager, had the middle of their wifes nose fall out through consuming cocaine for breakfast, elevenses, dinner, tea, supper and at 3 in the morning in her pyjamas.... and  finally before shooting themsleves out of the charts by suggesting that Ecstacy was not in fact only consumed by deviants, miscreants and low life but (quite correctly) by literally tens of thousands of "normal" people every weekend in the UK(including themselves). ......and now here they are back on the attack in Saitama Stadium 2002. Nice one boys and welcome back!! J-League wouldn`t be J-League without at least a touch of the proposterous after all.
A true winner with the Urawa matchday experience is the food. The only ground with kebabs as far as I know in Japan. Hot as hell and went down a treat with a couple of cold beers. As I`d said before I went to the game with loads of kids and wives etc. Even the hammered Japanese guy next to us couldn`t put a dampener on the enjoyment, though he got a hell of shoeing from his wife for upsetting the kids with his constant haranging of anything to do with Kawasaki and in particular Chong Tse. He must have asked myself and my Everton supporting friend about 15 times who we support in England. I told him time after time "Wolverhampton, they are near the bottom of the Premier League" to which he was "Ah OK!!" 5 minutes later....."Who do you support?" and so on and so forth. The clincher came near the end with " Ah Southampton isn`t it?? how are they doing? They are staying up this year, right??" A more utterly clueless guy you would struggle to meet!! Funny though.
The game itself was lively with Urawa scoring two quality early goals to set up what looked like a stroll to victory but Kawasaki had the chance to get back into it with a penalty which was well saved by the keeper. They went looking for another penalty on a dive by Reinardinho, well spotted by the ref who gave him a deserved booking for his trouble. I was hoping they would score the penalty to set up a grandstand finish but it wasn`t to be. I missed the final goal answering a call of nature.
Cos-play eh?? What`s all that about then? OK, I know kids like to dress up as their favourite anime characters and take photos of each other. An innocent enough pastime fair enough. But why would fully grown adults take it to a football match?? We were sitting near the front of the bottom teir of the stand behind the south goal and to our left were a group of what I presume were Urawa "ultras" not the hardcore ones I assume as they would all be in the north end in the "black patch" amongst the sea of Red. These guys were (again I assume);  The Wannabees. Anyway, I did wonder why they were all dressed alike. Didn`t really notice but then it dawned on me that about 10 guys were all wearing white jackets and black porkpie hats. One guy was one of the twats with the microphones trying to gee up the crowd. Annoying twat, this was the "oji-san, family, relax and let`s have a beer and watch a bit of footy" section. Even the drunk guy next to us started abusing him which was pretty amusing. He was standing on his chair facing the crowd like they all do, pissing most people off being the big "I AM". Mr. Clockwork Orange Leader; a cock handler of epic proportions. To paint the picture further, the north stand contained maybe 15,000 people all jumping up and down going batshit mental and loving every second of it. The south stand where we were, people were loving the game just as much but in a more relaxed atmos. There were about 20 people standing up at this end "led" by that TOOL!!
 Looking back, the presence of Ultra Bellend probably added to the day to be fair. Something I will definately remember from the day. All games need their characters be it good guys or knobends. We used to have "the guy with no teeth" at Verdy who hasn`t been seen for a couple years and there is a guy at Reysol who watches the game wearing nothing but a pair of yellow underpants, come rain, wind or shine.
Game finished and off we went back to Nerdy HQ for a few beers and to catch up with events from the game at Gifu.......well what a come down that was!!  From the heights of 42,000 in a state of the art stadium to 3,000 in a cow field. As soon as we switched on to the grainy coverage on my shitty video, the annoyance began to simmer... Why is that stadium so awful?? Why are Verdy so awful?? Why do we still have no strikers?? Why is this game so DAMN awful?? We won 1-0 with a grass cutter from the edge of the box from Iio in the 89th minute. The last sentence is all you need to know about that game. A more truly abismal display in ineptitude you will struggle to find this season. In theory I should be indeed be happy that we won but I`m not really. My team is shit and will never be the team that I just watched this weekend. "Just go and support Urawa" you might say, well this is the really annoying thing, I had a brilliant day but couldn`t give a hoot who scored, who won or lost.  Verdy are shit but they ARE my team and that is COMPLETELY DAMN ANNOYING!!!!!
Next stop on the 2010 Nerdy Awayday Tour, Omiya-koen for an Omiya match!! Stay Tuned!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Future is Bright The Future is Green!!

Good news on the National Team front, the Takagi brothers and Yuki Kobayashi have all been called up to attend an U-20 Training Camp in preperation for the 2011 U-20 World Cup this weekend. Exciting times for them, well done Boys!! Seems our Youth Squad is again doing the business, let`s hope the first team can follow suit.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Draw!!....and a Win!! what the Boys got in a practice match at Verdy Grounds on Sunday afternoon, opposition was provided by Chuo University and the goal was knocked in by Inoue. Line Up:
1st half
GK: Shibasaki
DF: Wada, Iida, Takahashi, Hiramoto
MF: Minami, Saeki, Takagi [Yoshiaki], Takagi [Toshiyuki]
FW: Abe, Inoue
2nd Half
GK: Suzuki
DF: Wada, Iida, Ebisawa, Takahashi
MF: Saiki, Kobayashi (Yoshiaki), Inoue
FW:Adebayo, Hiramoto
Looks like Hiramoto is not entirely finished at full back with him playing the first half in that position, though it still looks likely. We have a plethora of average defenders so why convert a forward to add to the pile? 1-1 against University students who had probably been out "bonding" with it being freshman season, drinking piss weak beer, vomiting over each other and depositing the unmentionable onto crackers and into each others pockets until the wee hours on Saturday night. Let`s hope the Boys can get something sorted for the trip to Gifu at the weekend. A goal? Two goals?? Sorry, didn`t mean to be cheeky....
Played the Chuo Boys again on Wednesday, the reserves plus a couple of regulars won 3-1 in a game spread over 3 x 35 minute "halves". In your face Chuo University.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only 31 games to go........

Two shots Ladies and Gentlemen. In 90 minutes of schoolboy quality football the Boys managed TWO efforts on goal. At half time Verdy hadn`t managed anything. The bottom line is (and nothing to do with whatever Stone Cold Steve Austin says...) that we are a poor quality team with poor quality players. Nobody has really BATTERED Verdy so there is still hope, but with virtually nothing to offer going forward apart from the odd Kawano break, this season is going to be an absolute grind. The goal itself was a nice chipped finish from the edge of the box, catching Doi slightly off his line and scrambling back in vain to make the save, no complaints there, nobodys fault (Tomisawa was suspended so he is blame free for a change) no mistakes a nice goal.. The question is whether we at Tokyo Nerdy can sit through another 31 games of such dross. There is a garden to be tended to, washing up to do, hair to be washed, food  shopping, please anything apart from watching Tokyo Verdy this season!! Is there a possibility that SkyPerfect will go bankrupt?? The Big One to finally hit Tokyo and level Ajinomoto??
Next weekend will offer up a change anyway. Tokyo Nerdy is off under cover to Saitama Stadium to watch Urawa hopefully get pummelled by Kawasaki Frontale. A friend of the family got tickets for us so away we go. A full(ish) stadium, no micrphones placed by the crowds required for TV, a "big game" atmosphere. After the atmosphere at Ajinomoto this season, it will be refreshing watching a game with a big crowd, hell with any kind of crowd!! Our lad will more than likely grow up an Urawa fan, which is fine by me as Verdy will very possibly cease to exist in the next few years. The writing is appears to be on the wall. The only way to bring the crowds back is by winning games and it doesn`t like that is going to happen with any kind of regularity this season. The financial problems of 2009 haven`t been eradicted, they have simply been put on hold. I`m assuming they will return before the 2011 season and we will have to see if anyone thinks Tokyo Verdy are worth saving. I currently have my doubts and I`m a fan!!

Ehime 1 - 0-Verdy......SHIT

They scored a goal (a decent one to be fair)....we didnt look like scoring for the entire game, we were shit, Ehime were also shit, but again a SHIT team got more goals in the game than us so, SHIT!!! We are still officially SHIT for the remainder of the season it seems...Conversley however, the Ehime goalie`s wife will be happy this weekend. No washing to do!! A Tokyo Nerdy big shout out to the Ehime goalie whilst facing the Spanish Inquisiton trying to explain how he`s supposedly been playing 90 minutes of professional football; yet his his gloves, shorts, top or socks are free from one iota of dirt....Good Luck Chief!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Match Preview??

Not required this week folks!! Tokyo Nerdy  rang up America this afternoon and you`ll never believe who answered the phone, none other than former WWF, WWE, WCW, WWF (the panda one), WI, WWII (the Adolf one),  wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!. We got talking about what he`d been doing since hanging up his mullet and Speedos and it turns out he`s a big J League fan. Apparently he loves nothing better than staying up late with a few squashed cans of Super Dry in his leather vest and pants with some young friends watching permanently buffering J-League action on live video streaming. We asked him if Verdy were going to beat Ehime this weekend and he said why  yes of course!!. "Well great, that`s all well and good Mr. Steve but how do you know this to be true??"
"Cos Stone Cold Said So!!!!"
There we go, no need for Ehime to even bother showing up this weekend. If a big, bald man in a leather vest and pants crushes a beer can on his head and says "You`re going down!!" brace yourself beacause it`s probably going to sting a bit. Ehime and their "scary orange"?? Pah!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

First Rant of the Season

Football is a contact sport. No quarter should be given to the opposition and none recieved for the 90 minutes of the game. The opposition is the enemy from the first whistle to the last. The game should be played with the maximum physicality allowed within the rules of the game. I`m not advocating knee high tackles, filed down studs, or any other equivalent of a horse shoe filled boxing glove. But I do miss the days when a good hard sliding tackle was appreciated as a skilled part of the game rather than an affront. As an ex-full back myself there was nothing better than flying down the wing full pelt chasing some guy that little bit faster (actually loads faster)  than yourself, somehow managing to get him in range and letting fly with a sliding lunge to bring the ball across him and out for the throw. Ball, opposing winger and all across the touchline. A 50/50 block tackle, the shoulder barge, jockeying for position. all physical parts of the game and something I feel has been lost.  Yellow cards and fouls are being called for so many tackles that virtually whenever either of the players go down, it`s called as a foul.If that player then rolls around a bit, out comes the yellow. The referees have been forced to laminate their yellow cards this season as the old paper style ones just weren`t standing up to the wear and tear of an average game.The new shiny cards have also been shown for shown for bad breath, spitting and forgetting to turn your slippers in the doorway correctly in the J-League in 2010. (One of the above is actually true though it was last season or the one before, can you guess which one??)
I watched the Verdy v Reysol game and was sickened by what I saw. Our Captain, bloody Captain for Christ sake!! Seitaro Bloody Tomisawa got booked in the opening minutes for the lightest challenge on a Reysol forward. The Reysol forward as a J-Leaguer is instructed to do, then rolled around feigning agony only to jump up and trot off as soon as the card was shown. This is not the problem, as we have all been forced to accept the inevitable rise of the "diving  twat", the problem for me was the reaction of our Captain. Instead of being incensed by the decision and the blatant playacting of the Reysol forward, Tomisawa apologises, pats him on the ass and carries on. After such a passage of play, the forward should be in fear of his very life when the next challenge comes in. Tomisawa should be in his ear putting the fear of God into him. "OK, you got me this time but if I`m going in the book again you are DEFINATELY gonna have felt it". One of the things that I couldn`t see when watching  was a sense of real "needle". The game was played in such a gentlemanly fashion it was sickening. A light foul, a pat of the ass, nod of heads, all round "Sorry mate" "It`s Ok"  as if the players had bumped into each other in the frozen vegetable aisle with their shopping trolleys.
And another thing!!! When the opposition score a goal, don`t collapse in a heap on the goddamn floor!! It`s bloody embarrassing. If kids lose a game and do such a thing, they`ll be told to get up off the bloody ground and think about how they are gonna get a goal back.  I was as disappointed as the players when the Avsipa goal went in after 85 minutes of playing well. Did I fall out of my armchair and start wailing on the floor in a pool of crisps and pop? No I bloody didn`t. I was angry, swore a good deal and swore even more when I saw at least 3 players on the deck feeling sorry for themselves. Is there a better way to directly transmit to the opposition that you are finished? Of course you could write them a heart felt letter or send them an Email but for the sake of time, what the hell "Let`s fall to the ground". Our Captain is already questionable as player,  but  such a display of weakness is unforgivable.
Football should be played with a firey passion, when you lose, you don`t cry, you don`t whimper like a bloody little girl. You get angry, fired up, picture how you are going to break the net with your next shot, or slam that twat on the wing for being too bloody fast!! The adrenalin pulses through the veins and away you go. No tears, just a seething sense of justice being served when you (figuratively) batter the opposition into submission. The old saying goes that "Football is a gentlemans game played by thugs, whereas Rugby is a thugs game played by gentlemen". .It`s true in the sense that when a rugby player goes down, he`s probably injured funnily enough (apart from the whole fake blood pills thing obviously...)When the football player goes down, it`s highly unlikely that there is anything wrong with him. If the game was played by thugs they wouldn`t go down pretending to be injured. A thug would stay on his feet and fight on to the bitter end when he couldn`t physically get up. Now a woman on the other hand........I love the game, but do  wish the professionals who play in this country (and in many other leagues throughout the world) weren`t such bloody big girls blouses. Get stuck in (within the rules) and accept it if someone gets stuck in to you. No diving, no faking, just football.
Finally, stop patting each others arses it`s so bloody gay!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Off the mark!!

Finally the Boys got something on the board this weekend. A point taken from the leagues leading scorers is not to be sniffed at but still frustration abounds as we should be now sitting in the jacuzzi, cigars lit, Bunny Girls hanging around just in case, with 3 points in the bag.  Either Avispa had an off day or we aren`t half as bad as we thought. For the second game running we were up there, troughing at the top table, swapping plesentaries with a frontrunner. The game itself was a pretty forgetable affair with each goalkeeper making ONE save each in the entire game. Doi got down smartly to stop a goalbound effort in the first half and the Avispa keeper also did well to keep out a Yoshiuki Takagi effort which was bound for the top corner.  The younger Takagi has indeed done well in his two games so far. 17 years old and not looking out of his depth. He`s no Fabregas, but at this level he`s doing well. Our goal came courtesy of Hiroki Kawano`s first of the season. It was a case of 4th time lucky for Kawano as this was his FOURTH 1 on 1 with the opposing keeper. He took too much time in both opportunities against Reysol and again dropped a clanger with his first opportunity this time. However, on the final try he was sent clear by Shibasaki and as the Avispa keeper advanced he must have though Kawano was going to go round him as he left a gaping hole on the inside for Kawano to slot in a simple finish. Following the goal the match predictably became stretched with half chances coming and going at either end. In the 85th minute Tomisawa (AGAIN!!) was beaten in the air for the Avispa striker to loop a header over the despairing dive of Doi. 1-1 should have won, but we`re going in the right direction.

Bully B-E-E-F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still offline at the new Nerdy HQ until the geniuses at Yahoo BB decide to get off their fat arses, flick the switch and fire up the Nerdy internet connection. We have two games to report on and a mountain of extreme alien donkey pornography to catch up with. All from the confines of a little box in the internet cafe down the road from Nerdy HQ.
Right so we`ll start with the Reysol game, lost 2-0 but were a match for one of the teams who will be there or there abouts come the end of the season. Indeed, if we had a striker who could finish the numerous chances that were created we might even have had a sniff of being in the mix ourselves. But we haven`t so we won`t be. Toshiyuki Takagi moved into the lone forward role with some success. He got a couple of shots off, wasn`t afraid to have a go and given his age (18) he did fine. His major drawback at the moment is his actual physical strength, there is more meat on a butchers pencil. He is very light and seemingly easy to swat off the ball.  He lost out on virtually every shoulder to shoulder tussle, more often than not ending up sprawling in a heap on the floor. I watched a great program on Fukuokan sumo legend Kaio (the winningest wrestler in the Makuuchi division in the history of sumo) the other week. When he was bulking up when starting out, his local butcher gave him EIGHT steaks every day to help him out.  Young Takagi needs to start eating raw eggs, pal up with a Yakiniku waitress, have steak for brekky, dinner and tea and begin a course of human growth hormone injections. When he has a head the size of a watermelon and testicles the size of peanuts we will know he is ready to take to the field once more. On the downside was the site of the entire side of Ajinomoto being closed. Most depressing.......understandable given the crowds expected but depressing all the same. Also our old pal Ryohei Hayashi had the good grace to score against us. So, Oguro is knocking them in for Yokohama, Hayashi is off the mark for Reysol and how many have our strikeforce scored?? Humph......
Toshiyuki Takagi as you can see ALREADY has a head the size of a watermelon, but most if it is actually hair at the moment so of course this is a foul. Seemingly he is getting ready to shirnk his testicles to the size of peanuts all by the bathroom....with some adult art...while his mum thinks he`s combing said hair... Get stuck in Toshiyuki!!! From all at Tokyo Nerdy 1969!!!!!