Monday, April 12, 2010

Draw!!....and a Win!! what the Boys got in a practice match at Verdy Grounds on Sunday afternoon, opposition was provided by Chuo University and the goal was knocked in by Inoue. Line Up:
1st half
GK: Shibasaki
DF: Wada, Iida, Takahashi, Hiramoto
MF: Minami, Saeki, Takagi [Yoshiaki], Takagi [Toshiyuki]
FW: Abe, Inoue
2nd Half
GK: Suzuki
DF: Wada, Iida, Ebisawa, Takahashi
MF: Saiki, Kobayashi (Yoshiaki), Inoue
FW:Adebayo, Hiramoto
Looks like Hiramoto is not entirely finished at full back with him playing the first half in that position, though it still looks likely. We have a plethora of average defenders so why convert a forward to add to the pile? 1-1 against University students who had probably been out "bonding" with it being freshman season, drinking piss weak beer, vomiting over each other and depositing the unmentionable onto crackers and into each others pockets until the wee hours on Saturday night. Let`s hope the Boys can get something sorted for the trip to Gifu at the weekend. A goal? Two goals?? Sorry, didn`t mean to be cheeky....
Played the Chuo Boys again on Wednesday, the reserves plus a couple of regulars won 3-1 in a game spread over 3 x 35 minute "halves". In your face Chuo University.

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