Thursday, April 29, 2010

Verdy BATTER Mito!!!

At last something to cheer about folks!! 4-0 to the Boys this afternoon and a scoreline worthy of the performance. The Boys shook off the disappointment of the Venforet game with aplomb and sent Mito back to their basket red eyed, arses slapped and bottom lips a-quivering. Hiramoto FINALLY got to start up front and look at the result?? He was first on the board with a header at the near post which to be honest the keeper should have done better with. Cross came from Kikuoka who was to score the second just after half time after neat work on the edge of the box from Kawano to put him through. Again questions will be asked about the Mito keeper as he let the shot go "through" him.  Number three was to follow on a bullet strike from Shibasaki, (again set up by Kawano) from fully 25 yards out a corker into the top corner and finally to really rub salt into the wounds Naoya Saeki chipped in with number four again from distance to send the Verdy faithfull home delighted.
So where do we go from here?? Hiramoto must play from the start whenever possible as he is simply by far the most effective forward we have. With him in the team we have a striker who knows what he is doing. He might not score very often but you know when he has a clear cut opportunity he is the most likely to bury it. Kawano was also great today setting up three of the four goals though he did pick up a booking which (I think) rules him out of the next game. The defence has had a settled line up recently and it appears to be paying dividends. Mito had one or two good chances which they missed rather than the defence or Doi saving the day, but by and large they handled Mito`s limp attack with ease. 
On a more serious note, what is it with modernday footballers and accessories?? It was a warm 18 Degree sunny afternoon and yet the Mito "forward" Endo took to field in a pair of gloves (along with his regulation J-League `laccy band round the head to hold his wig in place). This is Ibaraki in spring not Hokkaido in winter!! Time was when you wore a generous handful  of Brylcream, a top, shorts, socks and boots with the ocassional pair of tracky bottoms for the goalie on particlarly cold afternoon.. These days its under armour, headbands, cycling shorts,ring coverers, neckscarves, tights, body stockings, knee supports, plasters on the nose, the list is endless.....the tights and gloves were started off by John Barnes in the 80`s at Liverpool and the `laccy band by some Italian bloke probably or maybe by Argentine coke fiend and best pal of Maradona; Claudio Cannigia. Who would have thought they would be responsible for the creation multi million dollar industries just from being a big woman and not going to the barbers?? From the smallest acorns grow the mightiest oaks indeed!!


  1. Great post Nick, as usual !
    Great win for our Buzzards.
    See Ya mate.

  2. It was a great day all round and the Boys showed what they ARE capable of, let`s hope this is the start of a decent run and not just a one-off.

  3. If you would recall 3 years ago, Mito travelled to National Stadium during Golden Week. Mito was bottom of the table but still shockingly beat Tokyo by 4 goals. What did Tokyo go on to do? Be promoted to J1!

    So, thanks!