Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bully B-E-E-F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still offline at the new Nerdy HQ until the geniuses at Yahoo BB decide to get off their fat arses, flick the switch and fire up the Nerdy internet connection. We have two games to report on and a mountain of extreme alien donkey pornography to catch up with. All from the confines of a little box in the internet cafe down the road from Nerdy HQ.
Right so we`ll start with the Reysol game, lost 2-0 but were a match for one of the teams who will be there or there abouts come the end of the season. Indeed, if we had a striker who could finish the numerous chances that were created we might even have had a sniff of being in the mix ourselves. But we haven`t so we won`t be. Toshiyuki Takagi moved into the lone forward role with some success. He got a couple of shots off, wasn`t afraid to have a go and given his age (18) he did fine. His major drawback at the moment is his actual physical strength, there is more meat on a butchers pencil. He is very light and seemingly easy to swat off the ball.  He lost out on virtually every shoulder to shoulder tussle, more often than not ending up sprawling in a heap on the floor. I watched a great program on Fukuokan sumo legend Kaio (the winningest wrestler in the Makuuchi division in the history of sumo) the other week. When he was bulking up when starting out, his local butcher gave him EIGHT steaks every day to help him out.  Young Takagi needs to start eating raw eggs, pal up with a Yakiniku waitress, have steak for brekky, dinner and tea and begin a course of human growth hormone injections. When he has a head the size of a watermelon and testicles the size of peanuts we will know he is ready to take to the field once more. On the downside was the site of the entire side of Ajinomoto being closed. Most depressing.......understandable given the crowds expected but depressing all the same. Also our old pal Ryohei Hayashi had the good grace to score against us. So, Oguro is knocking them in for Yokohama, Hayashi is off the mark for Reysol and how many have our strikeforce scored?? Humph......
Toshiyuki Takagi as you can see ALREADY has a head the size of a watermelon, but most if it is actually hair at the moment so of course this is a foul. Seemingly he is getting ready to shirnk his testicles to the size of peanuts all by the bathroom....with some adult art...while his mum thinks he`s combing said hair... Get stuck in Toshiyuki!!! From all at Tokyo Nerdy 1969!!!!!

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