Thursday, April 8, 2010

Match Preview??

Not required this week folks!! Tokyo Nerdy  rang up America this afternoon and you`ll never believe who answered the phone, none other than former WWF, WWE, WCW, WWF (the panda one), WI, WWII (the Adolf one),  wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin!!. We got talking about what he`d been doing since hanging up his mullet and Speedos and it turns out he`s a big J League fan. Apparently he loves nothing better than staying up late with a few squashed cans of Super Dry in his leather vest and pants with some young friends watching permanently buffering J-League action on live video streaming. We asked him if Verdy were going to beat Ehime this weekend and he said why  yes of course!!. "Well great, that`s all well and good Mr. Steve but how do you know this to be true??"
"Cos Stone Cold Said So!!!!"
There we go, no need for Ehime to even bother showing up this weekend. If a big, bald man in a leather vest and pants crushes a beer can on his head and says "You`re going down!!" brace yourself beacause it`s probably going to sting a bit. Ehime and their "scary orange"?? Pah!!

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