Sunday, November 27, 2011

Syrian Flag Dust Up

Scrapping for the flag Syrian Style....can`t see much but you can make out the grey trousered hero of the piece if you have a magnifying glass with telephoto lens handy. Cheers to Tubby for heroically smuggling out the footage for us to broadcast to the waiting world. You saw it here first readers. Viva La Revolution!!!

Green Flags nowhere to be seen. Pink jacketed high school kid security guards guarding the Japanese fans from the baying Syrian hordes.

The People`s Front of Judea? F@@K Off We`re The Judean People`s Front........Japan 2 - 1 Syria

Power to The People!!!!!!!!
The Bronx was burning, Moss Side was (and probably still is) full of scum and Kokuritsu was the scene once again of trouble on the terraces singular plastic seats. That`s TWICE in 11 years of going to football in Japan that I`ve seen trouble and BOTH were at Kokuritsu. The place is getting a bad rep.....Back in 2006 or so Verdy were hammered by Mito and a number of the Verdy fans began scrapping amongst themselves and I personally witnessed paper cups being thrown and a cardboard "four beer holder" launched towards the pitch during the post match booing when the players politely came over to be boo-ed. Tonights bad boys were the 20 or so Syrian supporters camped in the away corner of the Olympic Stadium.
As usual the anthems were played and there was no sign of what was to follow. Initially there were two pretty small Syrian flags tied to the stand and a small group of people milling around behind. Then another group unfurled (what I have since found on Wikipedia to be) a big "pre Baathist occupation and symbol of the 2011 uprising" flag and a bunch of people REALLY weren`t happy. The "Current Syrian Flag Group" rushed the "Old Syrian Flag Group" and tried to take it down. Cue pushing, shoving, a bit of light scrapping and the security guards actually having to do something at a Japanese football game!!
The groups were seperated and eventually when (I assume)  the Police arrived, the Old Syrian Flag Group were marched out of the stadium. As soon as they were gone, there appeared three BIG Syrian flags and and a bunch of supporters enthusiastically waving little flags where none had been before. A pretty bizarre state of affairs and I assume the Syrian Embassy staff and The Peoples Front of Syria (not The Syrian Peoples Front...SPLITTERS!!)  had been bussed in en-masse to promote a more positive image. I only wish I was sat at the Syrian end of the ground to see the man in the grey trousers who was giving it loads up close.
He`s not The Messiah, he`s a very naughty boy....
Presumably this whole affair is related to the current uprising/revolution/crackdown/ in Syria though it could be that the man in grey trousers was actually a woman and a good friend of the site upset at comments on the cut of her grey trousers.
To the game....Japan won 2-1, Syria probably deserved a draw and the Old Syrian Flag Group got thrown out just before Syria equalised. Wounder!!
Verdy also won today 2-1 with Fukuda and Maranhao netting to keep Verdy on course for 5th.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

JEF Down Again.....Verdy 1-0 JEF United

"Oh come on...What?"
Verdy ensured JEF United will be also running in J2 next season with a 1-0 win courtesy of Seichiro Maki scoring against the club where he made his name. So, he`ll be popular in Ichihara this week then.....The writing has been on the wall for JEF; almost as long as Verdy with only one win the last seven going into Sundays game. 11,600 were there to see the Old Boys trot about before the Verdy took the points. You can watch the pretty dull highlights here.
Kitakyushu are up next with Verdy able to leapfrog them into 5th place with a win. 4th is impossible but Verdy will have to hope to match last seasons 5th place and go into the New Year with a bit of impetus.
"I`m not like him at the top of the screen....bloody $%$## would you like to see my trophy cabinet?"
Tokyo Nerdy will be all Olympic`d up next weekend. I`ve bought some 1980`s tight Nike running shorts those shiny, tiny ones with the netting inside. I`ve got a massive bag of anabolic steroids, creams,  blood enhancers, a turkey baster,  I`ve been rubbing muscle relaxant on my backside and all major veins all week and I`ve got a huge envelope of unmarked 50 Pound Notes and a Free Coupon to stay at Buckingham Palace. I`m not sure if this is what is required for Japan v Syria U-22s but it`s the Olympics right? Japan v Syria at Kokuritsu. Looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Done and dusted....Urawa 2 - 1 Verdy

Not enough unfortunately.....(all season)
That`s it season finished. Apodi`s equaliser and first for the club not quite enough with Urawa taking the place in the next round. The winner came late on 86 minutes with only 7,000 there..... 7,000 at Urawa? Holy shit they have got problems at Saitama Stadium. I know it`s only the Emperors Cup and Verdy are shit but but Jesus Christ! SEVEN THOUSAND AT AN URAWA REDS GAME!!
On a sidenote is the continued absence of Kawano. Apodi has been in recently, Kawano has been out, I`ve not been following very closely for the last few weeks but could Kawano be on his way? Wouldn`t surprise me but would be annoyed. Saying that though, he`d be absolutely mental not to go if any decent offer came in.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Verdy Fall....Kyoto 1 - 0 Verdy

The mind boggles.
Verdy have fallen with three games to go. The gap being ten points to third place, Verdy are now confirmed as J2`ers for 2012. A fourth season in the second tier was sealed with a late 86th minute loss to Kyoto.  Verdy have top scored with 64 goals in 33 games and have never at any point come close to breaking into the top three. Fifth has been the highest all season achieved last week with the win over Sapporo. It`s been on the cards for weeks but still disappointing to have it confirmed. Never mind though, next year will be the year! Next up is JEF United with another Old Boys All Star Extravaganza beforehand. The same formula drew 25,000 last year though I can`t see the numbers being as good it should still be a fun day out. JEF are still in with a shout of sneaking into third place but will be relying on Tokushima and Sapporo dropping the baton big time to get in there. Onwards and Fallen The Boys Graze On!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ticking Along....Verdy 2 - 1 Sapporo

Another win for the Boys today with Maki (2nd) and Abe (16th) adding to their tallies for the season. This looks to be the front line for 2012 so let`s see how we go from now through to the last game of the season IN UNDER A MONTH!! Holy crap where did that season go?? Down the toilet early doors same as the last two seasons. After doing nothing against the top teams we have now beaten third and fourth and drew with the Champions elect (again). Seemingly the team is there for promotion but only when it feels like it. If it`s cold, we forgot our kit,  had a long trip, a busy day, the train was late, the painters are in or we have a headache we are knackered.
However!!! In 2012 we`re a coming to get you J2!!!! And I bet my last Pound all teams will be shaking like a shitting dog at the prospect. Onwards and Next Yearwards The Boys March On!!