Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!! A New Slogan!! New Year!! New Slogan!!

Happy New Year!!!!
It`s been exactly one year since Tokyo Nerdy 1969 re-opened for business following the midseason shutdown in 2009. So what has changed in the last year?? Well this time last year we were on the brink of going out of business recieving special permission to even enter J2. This year we are fired up and ready to go, players have been signed, sponsorship secured, cash in the bank and we`re all good and ready for the magic leap to J1 right??
That of course would be fantastic but let`s consider the circumstances...we finished 5th last season which was a superb achievement considering where we were at the start of the season. However, at the start of the season there was ZERO expectations with Coach Kawakatsu himself saying he didn`t think we had a chance of promotion. And he was right. At no point in the whole year did we occupy a top three spot, we got to 4th with a few games to go but blew it when facing the big boys JEF and Avispa eventually finishing a rather large 11 points and 16 goals  out of 3rd place.
How are we going to do next season? It`s anybodys guess at the moment but looking at who is coming down, Bellmare, Sanga and FC Tokyo....Sanga and Tokyo will be battling to get straight back up though Bellmare will probably come down and stay down after their nightmare of a season. We will be checking the transfers and rosters when they are released and come back with a (probably not very) indepth pre-season report outlining all the runners and riders for J2. For the moment, The Emperors Cup Final is on in a minute so......Happy New Year!! Enjoy the Day!! Enjoy The Year!! And we`ll be back soon!! Still Shit!! Still Here.....Tokyo Nerdy 1969

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two`s Up!!

Welcome was it? Sorry yes!! Kohei Kiyama!!
Verdy have really got the bit between the teeth and have signed another forward and another defender. Hopefully bothering the onion bag next season will be Kohei Kiyama (who played 1 game for us back in 2006 (??!!) don`t remember him at all but since leaving us he went to Fagiano and did very well in the JFL bagging 18 goals in 32 games. However once Fagiano were promoted, his stats read a far more sombre 4 in 68 games.......shocking I know. Another "let`s hope he was an attacking midfielder?" Well  I`ll hope he was a defender with 4 in 68....
One for the ladies....Kota Fukatsu!!

Hopefully keeping them out of the Green onion bag will be Kota Fukatsu. Plenty of experience in J2 having served time at Mito and got promotion from the JFL with Gifu. Fukatsu has spent the last two seasons at neighbours Machida FC. Looks like he will be back up for Tsuchiya and Tomisawa. Never seen him in action but looks solid enough as a back up.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kim Jong Il, Kim Il Sung, Kim Deal, sKIMmed milk, Kimchi...Everyone needs a KIM!!

Kim Tae Yon
And now Verdy have signed one from Fagiano Okayama. Our version is Kim Tae Yon who will be battling for a midfield spot after seeing (a little) playing time at Kobe before settling in to the starting line ups at Ehime, Mito and Fagiano. Looks like Kawakatsu has chosen him to replace Shibasaki and at 22 years old still has plenty of time to prove he can play higher up the league. Welcome aboard!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Out,Out,Out,Out, In....Good Lord!! Verdy sign a striker!!

Squad guys Koya Shimizu, Ryu Narushi and Hiroki Ebisawa got their marching orders today and Nigerian defender Adebayor went back to Reysol. The four players put in a stirling 40 seconds of first team action all season, this coming in the very last game with Shimizu coming on to replace Goal Machine in second half injury time.
Welcome aboard!!
However, more interestingly Verdy welcome aboard a new striker today Ryuichi Hirashige from Tokushima Vortis. Vortis were decent at times last season though Hirashige`s stats don`t read that well...77 games between Sanfrecce from 2007-09 and Tokushima last season knocking in 10 goals toatal. I will assume that he is more an attacking mid than an out and out striker, let`s hope so as if he`s a forward with those stats, we might have another Inoue on our hands God forbid!!

Merry Christmas From All at Tokyo Nerdy 1969

Arses to "Winter Holiday Season".....Hope all readers of Tokyo Nerdy 1969 eat too much, drink too much, row with the family over cherades and enjoy drowning their unwanted fluffy puppies on Boxing Day. We at Tokyo Nerdy will be doing all of the above though not necessarily in the same order. First pint is for you Jesus!! Cheers!!

The Kids Were Alright

Till they got knocked out 2-0 and it is now Marinos yoof team who will be all lezzy with FC Tokyo yoof in the Final innit, y`get me??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Kids Are Alright

Tokyo Verdy Youth U-18s are into the semi`s of the J-Youth Cup after disposing of Vissel Kobe in the Quarter Finals with a 3-2 win. This is the same team that got to the first round proper of the Emperors Cup earlier in the season so the future of the club is looking bright!! There they face Yokohama F. Marinos with the winner going on to play either Kyoto Sanga or FC Tokyo in the final. Semi is 23rd of December with the Final on December 26th. Go On The Boys!!!!


Dressed Up Tits!!

A Gruesome Tit!!

The World`s Biggest Tit

Lars Ulrich......bloody tit that you are.....
3rd choice goalie Tomoyuki Suzuki has signed for SC Tochigi. Can`t remember him ever playing a game....Verdy also slightly changed the club badge dropping FC Nippon and replacing it with Football Club. Anybody care?? Nope thought not. Here`s some pictures of some tits to liven things up......

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Verdy Raped!! Nostra-f@@kin-damus Tokyo Nerdy 1969....

Well bugger me it`s started.......Toshiyuki Takagi has signed for S-Pulse!! Motherf@@kers!! Again, what can you say though?? Another upper mid level (kind of ish) team comes in so off he goes.  In his goodbye speech he said "he`d like to come back one day". Well Toshiyuki you can go an do one!!..GUTTED as he is gonna be a winner but it`s not gonna be in Green.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Come First Served

Verdy have sorted their first piece of incoming business for this winter with ex-Verdy Kawasaki, Frontale defender Yusuke Mori. Mori has 10 years J League experience and after starting out with a handful of appearances in Green went to Sendai and Kyoto Sanga before becoming a mainstay in the Frontale side from 2006 going on to appear 29 times last season. Mori can line up as right full back or as a defensive midfielder, which is possibly the view for next season with the departure of Shibasaki, if so that`ll do. Loads of experience in a decent side and seemingly loves a scrap.
Mori in his Sendai AGGRO days....
Mori was the defender who got fired by Sendai back in 2002 for continual red cards. Something like 3 in a row it was though I can`t remember exactly. Hopefully he`s still got a bit of toenail left in him for next season. Welcome aboard!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Barack Obama`s Soup Spoon Attack Gloves

Masaki Iida
Kento Tsurumaki
Squad players Masaki Iida and Kento Tsurumaki have been fully transfered to JFL outfit Matsumoto Yamaga FC. Both players spent time on loan there in 2010 and seemingly did enough to be offered full terms for 2011. Matsumoto also wear Green so it`s possible they got in because they already have their own Green T-shirts. Apparently Iida took his own ball as well and that`s what swung the deal.  Good luck Boys!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cherry Picking??

Kosei  Shibasaki has signed for Kawasaki Fontale.......Bollocks!!! Can`t blame him for a second as they are top (ish) end of J1. Thanks for a couple of superb strikes (and a couple more toe pokes), some superb general defensive mopping up and distribution, immaculately tied up hair in a league of SHIT hair and the absolute best of luck in the future!! Always a quiet unassuming pleasure, though wish you could have stayed.

Friday, December 10, 2010


17 weekends to go....JESUS CHRIST I`M BORED SHITLESS ALREADY!! Have we bought a striker?? No. Taira Inoue been sold?? No. So it`s goodnight from me and it`s goodnight from him. Goodnight.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2010 and 2011 Wrap Up, Prediction, Summary, Nummary, Dumbary. Bummary.

My manservants on the south lawn at Nerdy HQ
2010 was great and the icing on the cake is that we will be around for 2011. To be able to simply go to or watch the game on TV next season is worth more than any Cup win, any promotion or any glamour tie. So Verdy didn`t get promoted, went out of the Cup again to non league opposition at the first hurdle, lost to the Worst Professional Team in The History Of Japanese Football, couldn`t score goals for the first half of the season and still play in a giant empty stadium. But so what??
 Verdy will be alive in 2011 thanks to the mentalists at Xebio Sports who rescued the Greens in early November just 8 games before we were due to play our final game. 25,000 people turned up to the Save Our Verdy game which was more than anybody in their right mind would have ever guessed. To sit there in that atmosphere, with all those supporters all shouting for Verdy was a memory I will take to my grave. Football grounds should be full of passion, noise, and most importantly they should be FULL. I can only imagine what Ajinomoto feels or looks like when it is actually full of Verdy supporters. Sadly, the only sold out Verdy game I have ever seen was against Real Madrid but probably 80 per cent of the people were there to support Beckham, Zidane etc.
The young players have been the talk of Tokyo Verdy this season and unfortunately will be on the radar of some (probably lower end) J1 teams. Youngsters like the Takagi brothers simply MUST NOT be sold. Hopefully with Xebio on board the club will be able to hold on to their hottest properties. Yoshiaki Takagi at 17 has been an absolute revelation and currently injured Toshiyuki Takagi also hit the heights with some absolutely stonking goals. Pure Roy of the Rovers football at times. Two brothers playing up front together and scoring 3 each in 2 games. The youth team also put up a great fight in getting to the first round proper of the Emperors Cup coming a gnats chuff away from facing FC Tokyo. (The youth team also topped their group in the current J Youth Cup currently being played). The future of the club is burning bright with the stars of tomorrow currently getting plenty of playing time and not only that but performing very well. Top scorer Kazuki Hiramoto has played his socks off this season, working, working, working. 10 goals isn`t great for a striker but he was nice to me and my son on the train so he has to stay in the team. Hopefully with an on fire Toshiyuki Takagi next season and a new Deputy Goal Machine. Taira Inoue started as our number one striker and I`m sure he`s a very nice guy in real life but on the football pitch frankly he`s awful. The first thing Kawakatsu needs for next season if not a brand new expensive super striker, then a decent back up for what we`ve got as what we`ve got simply isn`t enough to get to 3rd place next season.
The Verdy back line has been unusually solid this year finishing the season as the joint 2nd best defence behind Reysol along with also promoted Fukuoka and nowhere near promoted Ehime. The words "good defence" and Verdy have never gone hand in hand, the tactics of old being to outscore allcomers. Pre-season I wrote on these pages that Tomisawa was shit and Tsuchiya was getting on a bit. However, I`m happy to say I was wrong in the end. Tomisawa emerged from his early season nightmare to form one of the best Verdy partnerships ever with Tsuchiya. Both also contributed memorable goals this season with a flying header from Tsuchiya against Giravanz and Tomisawa running the length of the field and volleying home the winner against Tosu(?) Venforet(?) can`t remember but it was a cracker...Doi has had an excellent year after replacing the dropped Shibasaki after the first couple of games. He should be back for 2011 and so will  Tokyo Nerdy 1969.

See you next year!!!
It`s been an absolute rollercoaster ride as always on the good ship Green and I`d like to thank all readers of Tokyo Nerdy 1969 both near and far for chipping in with comments and hope you check in next season. 2011 promises to be a cracker with Verdy looking to get in the top three. We`ve got the return of The Tokyo Derby thanks to FC Tokyo somehow managing to get relegated yesterday, dropping into the bottom three for the first time all season on the final day......can anyone think of any other team from Tokyo who did that? FC Tokyo thinking they are great by getting relegated in such dramatic fashion? Meh!! Verdy were getting relegated like that when FC Tokyo were in short trousers. Muppets!! Have to think of a new slogan for next season too now the bankruptcy has been sorted.......

Done and Dusted.... Verdy 3-1 Mito

Goal Machine and a Lucky Dwarf "manhug". It`s ok, it`s sport and they are just friends...I think.
Well the 2010 J League season is finished and what better way to end it all than with an easy win over Mito Hollyhock. The game was only five minutes old when Goal Machine got his 10th and final goal of 2010. Mito seemingly forgot who tore them to pieces in the reverse fixture as Hiroki Kawano collected a loose ball just outside his own box, dribbled the length of the field before firing a cross over for Hiramoto to smash home on a first time volley. Number two came from a corner with Kawano firing the ball in for the unmarked Iio to stear home for his 5th of the season. Two became three just after the half hour mark with ex-Mito man Kikuoka beating the keeper at his near post after being released by Fukuda. 3-0 at half time and it could have 8 or 9 by full time. But for good work by the Mito keeper, Verdy would have run up a cricket score. The Greens finished the season in a confident manner and we can all look forward to next season with more hope than this season. So 5th place in the end and two places higher than last season so a step in the right direction. Which takes us to next season.....

Mummys `s gonna tell me off....

Oh dear...FC Tokyo 0- 2 Kyoto...Urawa 0 - 4 Kobe. Couldn`t have written it better myself :)!! It`s official, the whole of Tokyo is ABSOLUTELY SHIT at football!!!!!!!!!