Saturday, April 10, 2010

Only 31 games to go........

Two shots Ladies and Gentlemen. In 90 minutes of schoolboy quality football the Boys managed TWO efforts on goal. At half time Verdy hadn`t managed anything. The bottom line is (and nothing to do with whatever Stone Cold Steve Austin says...) that we are a poor quality team with poor quality players. Nobody has really BATTERED Verdy so there is still hope, but with virtually nothing to offer going forward apart from the odd Kawano break, this season is going to be an absolute grind. The goal itself was a nice chipped finish from the edge of the box, catching Doi slightly off his line and scrambling back in vain to make the save, no complaints there, nobodys fault (Tomisawa was suspended so he is blame free for a change) no mistakes a nice goal.. The question is whether we at Tokyo Nerdy can sit through another 31 games of such dross. There is a garden to be tended to, washing up to do, hair to be washed, food  shopping, please anything apart from watching Tokyo Verdy this season!! Is there a possibility that SkyPerfect will go bankrupt?? The Big One to finally hit Tokyo and level Ajinomoto??
Next weekend will offer up a change anyway. Tokyo Nerdy is off under cover to Saitama Stadium to watch Urawa hopefully get pummelled by Kawasaki Frontale. A friend of the family got tickets for us so away we go. A full(ish) stadium, no micrphones placed by the crowds required for TV, a "big game" atmosphere. After the atmosphere at Ajinomoto this season, it will be refreshing watching a game with a big crowd, hell with any kind of crowd!! Our lad will more than likely grow up an Urawa fan, which is fine by me as Verdy will very possibly cease to exist in the next few years. The writing is appears to be on the wall. The only way to bring the crowds back is by winning games and it doesn`t like that is going to happen with any kind of regularity this season. The financial problems of 2009 haven`t been eradicted, they have simply been put on hold. I`m assuming they will return before the 2011 season and we will have to see if anyone thinks Tokyo Verdy are worth saving. I currently have my doubts and I`m a fan!!


  1. Hmmm... now about 90% of punters will have picked Verdy to get pasted by Gifu this weekend (and I see you're escaping off to Urawa to avoid it... lol),and we'll be confident so that all means...
    ...dirty Tokyo going a goal down and then coming back to draw the game up in the final minutes..
    Just can't trust you guys!

    I went for a bit of change last weekend and went and saw my other team Sendai play Shimizu... Shit result but hey, a bit of J1 fever is always good. Reminds us of what we've got to look forward to in 7 years*

    And watching J2 games on TV, especially at some of the stadiums (Kitakyuushuu, Toyama, Tokushima etc etc- shit, probably Gifu too) is almost the same as heading down to your nearest park and watching a game of schoolboys play outside...
    Not the most enthralling to watch..
    ..and thats why we have highlights shows!!

    Anyway, looking forward to the game this weekend. With only 3600 capacity at the Nagaragawa Meadow, I'm hoping at least for a bit of atmosphere!


    *7 years, my prediction til J1 glory (or quite possibly bankruptcy!)

  2. Its even more depressing watching actual schoolboys play in a BARN with an athletics track sized green space round it that isnt actually used for anything EVER!! It`s terrible watching Verdy at Ajinomoto in the flesh and just as bad on TV in that place when its so empty. It must rank as THE worst big stadium to watch football!! Though it does have a roof unlike goddamn Kokuritsu...don`t get me started now....Roll on Saitama Stadium this weekend, one of the best places as it so happens!! In fact Saitama has a brilliant massive stadium and a top notch smaller one too at Omiya-koen. Big up Saitama!! Chiba Fukuda Arena / Hitachi Ground good solid grounds too, what does Tokyo dump with no roof and another "soccer stadium" with two massive wastes of space green one (ahem the running track bit...) and one red and blue one!!

  3. Well, Nerdy, your dream has come true and Verdy won a game!
    This might be a sign... watch more entertaining J1 games instead of Verdy games, and Verdy will fight back to get your attention.
    Could it be the key to success???

    The game itself was honestly like watching two schoolboy teams go at it... although great for watching the game, Gifu's new ground for the year, Meadow, lacks atmosphere without the drums and flags, and me and my mates were struggling to concentrate on the game..
    (couldn't have been anything to do with the quality of the game though!)

    Anyway, all I know is that Gifu's bogey team is officially Verdy! I'm sure we must be the only team yet to beat you guys...

    But whatever, Im taking the trip up to Fukuari this weekend to hopefully see a good game there instead! (At least I get to visit a good J2? stadium!)

  4. I don`t know if I can stand it this season, two hour train ride to watch absolute crap in an empty barn. There isn`t a player on the team who`d I`d pay for the privelage of seeing Kawano is decent in bursts, the Takagi brothers have potential but everyone else is either past it or never going to be "it". Tough times.