Saturday, March 27, 2010

Captain Nerdy No.1

It is with great pleasure (and not a little consideration) that we are proud to introduce the first Captain Nerdy for 2010!! A man who (seemingly has to) single handedly guard the fortunes of Verdy , ward off evil and lop out his salty, weather beaten "old chap" to piss in FC Tokyo`s chips come rain or shine. A big round of applause for Captain Bird`s Eye Ladies and Gentlemen!! As a proud sailor of the seven seas throughout 1970`s and 80s; Captain Birds Eye scoured the oceans of the world for THE juiciest fish eyes and arseholes to (barely unless you ate the whole box) fill the stomachs of the UK`s children/student population with his Crispy Crumb Fish Fingers. A legend beffiting a place at the head of the  (Only The Best for the Cap`ns) Tokyo Nerdy Table!!!   Welcome aboard Cap`n!!


  1. Hi Nick,
    Tough loss for our buzzards today.
    Anyway, did u enjoy the game at Ajinomoto?
    I'll put some highlights on Ultra-Verdy blog today.
    See you. Keep it up !

  2. Unfortunately, a thoroughly shite afternoon my friend....Tokyo Nerdy will be off for a few days but back later in the week!!