Friday, March 19, 2010

Nerdy 1 - 3 Cavaliers!!

We are on a Cavalier tip this evening readers after the opening day defeat to The Cavaliers of Kumamoto.It`s not all bad though as Tokyo Nerdy 1969 has a 100% record in the prediction stakes so far with the LOSS prediction being bang on the money with Verdy`s opening reverse to Roasso Kumamoto.

Not sure if anybody from Kumamoto sports a pointy beard, has  a penchant for long hair or defends the Crown from rampaging hordes of Inspiral Carpets fans in 17th Century England, but what they do have is 3 points on the board. Hiramoto opened up the scoring for us from his new left back position in the 52nd minute before our Captain (not at all) Fantastic Tomisawa was at fault for both of the Kumamoto efforts. First of all he was beaten about in 7 countable ways in the air by the Kumamoto striker who looped a header past Shibasaki onto the post, he could only watch helplessly as the ball  came back off the upright and trundled across  the goal line to be lashed into the unguarded net from a distance of centimetres. Following this he was far too easily beaten in the box on the way to Kumamoto`s second. Back to the drawing board for the Boys and into the naughty corner with the "D" cap on for Tomisawa. Still next up we`ve got New Wave Kita Kyushu with an old friend on board!! More on that tomorrow!!

Finally,one more Cavalier for you, this one being notorious for being generally crap and an absolute twat to start on a winters morning. First hand experience, Scotland, winter, about 1984, Uncle Don`s driveway. There is also a dog called a Cavalier but people who like looking at pictures of  ugly dogs on the internet late at night (the four legged ones with tails) are lacking something in their lives and we will not entertain such people here.

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