Saturday, March 20, 2010

On The Buses....

The Boys set off for Kyushu today on the Green Bus. Hard kids at the back smoking fags (British meaning not American meaning, hopefully) pressing their arse cheeks against the back window, shouting, throwing sandwiches around and flicking the V`s at any passing motorist who happens to be looking.
Or possibly all being ever so sensible, listening to their  i-(s)pods,  chatting about each others hair, admiring each others tan and arranging the next game of willy-tig in Chofu Woods.
So Giravanz Kitakyushu? Who are they and are they any good? They have just come up from the JFL and according to their first two games (losses to Yokohama and Tokushima) , we can rest assured that they aren`t any good. Phew!! So that`s 3 points for us, great!! Why the confident swagger you might ask?? Four words: Hiroki "The Cat" Mizuhara. Currently custodian of the Kitakyushu goalie gloves and a keeper who made ex-Verdy "legend" Yoshinari Takagi look like the love child of Gordon Banks and Peter Shilton delivered by Lev Yashin in the Peter Schmeichel City Hospital. The first goal on the clip, miles out but fair enough even the above legends had an ocassional bad day at the office, THE SECOND???? Watch the clip to the end and tell me WTF happened there then please?? I can roar with laughter about it now  but I found new swear words that I didn`t know I knew when I watched it at the time. I raise a glass to 3 points Verdy!!


  1. Losing to a 10 man McDonalds Kitakyushu... I'm beginning to like this team!

    Shit, we're looking pretty average ourselves, but maybe, just maybe, we might be able to manage a win against you guys this year....

  2. Please make the same kind of prediction when Tokyo rides triumphantly towards Mito!

  3. We will of course mercilessly crush the weeds from Mito and wipe Gifu from our windscreens as the Mighty Green chariot flies through!! I STAND BY EVERY WORD I SAID KITAKYUSHU ARE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL it just happens that we are even worse....:)

  4. A McDonald's Team, ahahaha.
    No One Likes Us... ;)