Friday, March 12, 2010

Dirty Horse and Ale Pie

Five in the morning here in the UK,cold, wet, miserable weather but good to be back. Back in my dump of a hometown, I have already re-acquainted myself with a good (well as good as a 4 quid pie can be)  steak and ale pie and a couple of pints of Banks' Bitter. I don't even  like bitter but as I can't buy it in Japan; I feel like I should indulge.  Speaking of re-acquainting, the boredom of pre-season is over!! New season starts tomorrow!! Are we going to win?? I'd say it's going be a big ask judging on our frankly poor pre-season efforts BUT I could be a million miles away with my prediction and we could lay witness to an earth shattering display of free flowing, attack minded champagne football. The likes of which hasn't been seen since England shocked the nation with their 4-1 demolition of the Dutch at Euro 96. Now that would be a treat. Chances are we will see a turgid display of J2 level incompetence but being as it's the first game of the season we are allowed to dream are we not??

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