Sunday, March 21, 2010

It`s a BIG...

....and we`ve ALL gotta take a bite!! My lord what on earth was that?? I have watched some rubbish in my time watching Verdy but today was the worst ever... well one of the worst (The defeat to SC Tochigi who were then in JFL in the Emperors Cup is my personal number 1, plus defeat to Honda FC in same competition, plus being blitzed by Reysol to go down..need I continue??). A more thoroughly inept performance attacking wise you will struggle to find. The stats say we mustered 17 shots on goal but I kid you not when I say Mizuhara was forced into ONE save from a gentle grass cutter in the opening minutes!! If Taira Inoue is the best we have to play as the lone striker, Jesus we might as well all go home now. Every single shot including that one was either shin rolled, scuffed, powerless or wide. The Giravanz goal itself was a result of the ONLY decent strike in the entire game. The ball was only half cleared from a dangerous crossball which seemed to have just missed at least eight oncoming strikers, it then fell nicely on the edge of the box for Shigemitsu to fire home. What should have been the turning point of the game came just before halftime when Oshima was shown a straight red for leading with his elbow whilst jumping with Tsuchiya. Seemed harsh to me but couldn`t really tell from the replay. Anyway, Verdy predictably had the possesion for the remainder but couldn`t do a thing with it.  Just to rub salt in the wounds Oguro only went and banged in a hat trick for Yokohama FC this afto....Humph!! Humph!! Triple Humph!!

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