Monday, March 8, 2010

Winners and Losers!!

Thank the Lord!!!! Pre-season is now finished, the last training game done. The Boys chalked up another reverse to a side from Kokushin University. 1-0 was the final score to wrap up a remarkably unconvincing pre-season. Scoring goals is seemingly going to be extremely tough this season. Hiramoto again came in at left back and looks to be first pick in that spot. Doi made his first appearance for the second half and let one in.  We are ABSOLUTELY unconvinced of Hiramoto being put in at left back as a tactical choice, but who knows until we see it in action?? I can`t say for sure that it isn`t going to work, but I`m 99.9999 per cent sure. On the plus side, I`m looking forward to seeing the Takagi brothers in action as I`m sure we`ll be seeing the younger Verdy Youth squad member Shun, as well as older brother Toshiyuki at some point.
So, on to next weeks match up. Whilst the Green Boys were sorting out their hair and polishing their nails at the weekend, Roasso Kumamoto picked up a decent result in the opening week, coming from behind to draw with JEF United. Captain Bigtree is now in charge of the horse eaters of Kumamoto and we can be pretty sure he`ll have his charges fired up for their first awayday of the season. We too at Tokyo Nerdy will be as fired up as possible but unfortunately we will be reporting from the UK, battered by jetlag. For the first time in I don`t know how many years, the home opener will be minus mine plus a couple of other bodies. An interesting sidenote is that Verdy NEVER(ish not for 6 years)  lose their opening game of the season!! Unlike like Wolves who NEVER win theirs....

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