Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kashiwa Reysol

....often batter Tokyo Verdy and why should this game be any different? No reason at all, going by pre-season and the opening two games. Unfortunately, our attack is currently as threatening as Julian Clary armed with a bejewelled temperance spoon. I haven`t seen Reysol this season but will assume they have 11 players with 22 legs between them and their bus driver knows the way to Ajinomoto. In that case we are knackered.....or are we??
No we bloody aren`t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The source of many teams inspiration is the leader on the field. Think Moore, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Robson, Souness, Keane, Viera. Some captains are simply fantastic at football others unbelievable at aggro. As Seitaro Tomisawa is our "leader" on the field.... Tokyo Nerdy is proud to introduce another Captain who will watch over the good ship Green until Seitaro Tomisawa retires, is sold (surely you jest??!!!!) or gets knocked out by a passing 4th grader...

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