Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bits and Pieces

The League will re-start one day and so will Tokyo Nerdy1969. In the meantime a couple of snippets of information, Verdy`s Brazillian contingent Maranhao and Apodi have returned to Brazil until such time as it looks like the League will re-start. At the moment they are scheduled to return on the 26th of March.
Verdy held a charity fair in aid of the victims of the tsunami and earthquake. The J-League will also be holding a benefit match and Tokyo Nerdy will  be donnning the lycra and participating in a charity bike ride. Swollen knees and backache a small price to pay in view of the on going crisis in the north east of the country.
A good friend of the site has set up a Red Cross charity donation site here and if you feel like you can contribute, please feel give generously.

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