Saturday, February 13, 2010


Pack away the BBQ, take down the tent, put those damn guitars away, pick up you`re litter (or not if in the UK) shove it all in the van and sleep all the way home.Verdy`s pre-season Training Camp has finished!!  The final match up saw the Greens batter Miyazaki Industrial Management (or something??) University. 8-2 was your final. We won, they didn`t,but they were probably rubbish anyway so.....Righto so training camp is done, what next?? Any chance of the traditional pre-season Tokyo Derby friendly?? Let`s hope so, it`d be our biggest gate earner for the season.
Ho-hum.....I don`t know if I should tell you this but, "APPARENTLY"  Verdy are going to win the World Club Championships in 2024!! Brilliant can`t wait for that!!! More to come on that bollocks  tomorrow......(or maybe Monday) or maybe bloody never as it`s more wear and tear on my fingers than is worth reporting. Our old friend Steve "Nostradamus" Soilent Green nailed the point about how Verdy can`t do things by half in his article here ...a good read and absolutely bang on (unfortunately for Verdy fans everywhere). Makes Omiya`s "Qualifying for The Asian Champs League Sometime Soon" promise seem a walk in the park.....


  1. any news on friendlies in the tokyo area between 19 and 27? saw you put there may be a local pre-season derby.

  2. Hi Sigurros, still no news I`m afraid, we have a training game vs Machida Zelvia on the 17th but that is all the information that has been released at the moment. I will be sure to post information as soon as I know anything. Often there is a pre-season game with FC Tokyo but I can only assume this isn`t happening as there has been no information as yet.