Monday, February 22, 2010

Lights!! Camera!! Goat!! Grandad!!.....a-n-d Action!!

Verdy continued their pre-season playtime with a couple of match ups against FC Rukyu and J2 rivals Thespa Kusatsu. First up, a youthful Verdy line up (featuring 6 youth squad members and a certain Eugene Killoran.....) registered a 1-1 draw with FC Rukyu on a goal from youth squad member Takano. The more experienced line up took to field yesterday to record a win with Tsuchiya providing the winner in the first half.
Thespa Kusatsu line up:

DF Fukuda
DF Tsuchiya
DF Takahashi
DF Hiramoto
MF Shibasaki
MF Kikuoka
MF Kobayashi (Youth)
MF Iio
MF Abe
FW Inoue

An (ever so mildly...) interesting note is the continued presence of Kobayashi in the "more experienced" camp. Seemingly Kawakatsu is a fan. We at Tokyo Nerdy are becoming well bored with this pre-season junk..... give us a real game!! Get a bleedin` move on will ya??!! Our (footy) nuts are loaded like watermelons already but,  pre-season is unfortunately akin to animal pornography featuring members of your own family. It`s great because it`s porn, but ultimately frustrating  because it`s unusable.... Humph!! Roll on March 14th.....

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