Sunday, February 28, 2010

Smacked Up and Battered!!!

Sean Connery reckons it`s OK to smack your wife up as long as it`s with an open hand. Apparently his Mrs hasn`t complained in 31 years of wedlock.......though she probably did, but just the once mind. Our mate in the picture is just about to go for the "backhander". A tricky manouver but when administered correctly, akin to The Crane Kick in The Karate Kid. An undefendable finisher. "`Ave it you slaaaaag!!"
Speaking of which,Verdy were on the recieving end of a  5-0 (not so) happyslapping  administered by Yokohama FC in the latest training game.Can`t think of many good points to report on a result like that so we`ll give you the line ups and leave it at that eh??
First Two Halves
GK: Suzuki
DF Fukuda
DF Tsuchiya
DF Takahashi
DF Hiramoto
MF Shibasaki
MF Kikuoka
MF Takagi (Youth)
MF Iio
MF Takagi (Shun)
FW Inoue

3rd Half
GK: Shibasaki [Takashi]
DF Wada
DF Iida
DF Fukui
DF Yoshida
MF Takano (Youth)
MF Adebayor
MF Mukai
MF Lee
MF Tomidokoro
FW Minami (Youth)
El Golazo had a good feature on the J League U-18 All Stars v All Japan University friendly to be played before the Xerox Cup this afternoon. Verdy Youth youngster Shun Takagi was listed as the "Key Man" in the J League squad.  A young player seemingly going places, though probably not with Verdy if he is indeed, any good. Let`s wait and see him in action!!


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