Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Days

Eeeeeeeeh!! Sit on it Cunningham!!
 Breathe easy my Verdy friends!! The club has been saved!!! The new owners as reported in the Sponnichi dirtsheet and Official Verdy website are Xebio Sports Ltd a national chain of sports shops. They have agreed a 5 year sponsorship deal including stumping up the cash to be the main sponsor. The whys and wherefores? Probably a ton of brown envelopes stuffed with cash, Xebio company executives pictured in embarrassing clinches with hookers, blackmail and sordidness.Who cares!! WE`RE ALIVE!!!! Now let`s get a win this weekend against Tosu to go with the Kensuke Fukuda super strike inspired 1-0 victory over Fagaiano last weekend and get something for the fans to cheer about!!
To be honest I love the club but the head honcho (One Yuu Morohashi) of Xebio must be clinically insane. Company is doing well, billions of Yen in the black....hmmm let`s buy Tokyo Verdy!! The crowd for the Fagiano game even when all supporters knew the club was at deaths door?? 4,000!! Seriously, I have to wonder at the mans brain.....or does his company get a SWEET deal on J-League merchandising to be sold through his national chain of sports shops?? Very high chance of a a bit of "you scratch my back, I`ll tickle your balls....." in that one.


  1. So no free verdy tshirts and bargain JEF tickets then?

  2. Maybe they`ll just get the printers to a "d" on the of "Save"??

  3. Fantastic !!! Green is the color.
    We'll never die my friends !


  4. Great!! The most important was to save the club, I didn't care in J1 or J2.