Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flick The Flying V`s..... Vortis 2 - 2 Verdy

The World`s Lowest "Let`s Rock!" leap. I can deffo jump higher than that.
The winning run came to an end in the most painful of circumstances at Tokushima with the Boys blowing a 2-0 lead with just two minutes of normal time remaining. Thankfully the run is over and we can now all go back to our seats and and get back to normal. Ah how I`ve missed the post game feeling of being stabbed in the head with a pencil.
Verdy were again quick out of the blocks with the Tokushima goal under all sorts of pressure from opening whistle to the half an hour mark. Kikuoka this week was operating on the left with Maranhao and Abe  playing as a top two. Ichikawa came in for Iio on the right and Fukuda came in for Mori at right back.
Most of Verdy`s pressure came down the left with Kikuoka at his best today having a hand in both goals. Tsuchiya had already had a goal bound header saved when Kikuoka opened the scoring direct from a corner. Kikuoka whipped the ball in low with a deceptive swerve on it which went out then came back in to utterly bamboozle Oh in the Vortis goal. This was on 17 minutes and Verdy were to extend their lead just five minutes later through a Kikuoka free kick headed goalward by Tokushima top scorer Sato for an own goal. At 2-0 Verdy and 30 minutes gone Verdy were in complete control and Vortis were yet to register a single effort on goal. However, over the next 60 minutes Vortis showed some of the mettle that has taken them to second in the league after sixteen games.
Vortis had a scrambled effort wide, Shibasaki was also alert to a low Sato effort on 37 minutes as Vortis cranked up the pressure towards the break.
The second half was an end to end affair with both teams trading half chances. Abe shot across the face of goal, Douglas blasted wide from 8 yards and it looked as though Verdy would hold on for the win. However, in the dying minutes the Verdy goal was under severe pressure with Eleziu smacking a free kick off the bar before scoring following another mad scramble; the goal arriving courtesy of a lucky second rebound off the bar straight to Eleziu for a power header home.
At this point, the only thing that was ever going to happen was an all out barrage on the Verdy goal and that is indeed how the story went. Vortis threw absolutely everything at Verdy and looked to have been robbed of a penalty with Tsuchiya clearly handling a shot with seconds to go. However, justice was probably done with a 95th minute equaliser. The ball again lumped into the box for a save from Shibasaki followed by an overhead cross and  header from 2 inches for Tsuda. An absolutely insane end to game which of course feels worse than a defeat. A complete sickener and a reminder of how life should be on the good ship Green.
Welcome back Tokyo Verdy!!! Onwards and Back To Normal The Boys March On!!
Are these yours?

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