Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Slogan and Our Chances for 2012.

One of the "joys" of the close season is wondering what piece of meaningless crap the wizards at the club can come up with for the Team Slogan. From "Strong Soul" to "All For Verdy" to this years effort:
Team slogans are a complete waste of time and though ours isn`t as bad as FC Tokyo`s abomination it`s still a pointless exercise. So, how are we going to do in 2012? First things first and good news for Verdy and the league in general is that play offs have been introduced for J2 for 2012!! Great!!
Some people moan about that it`s unfair for the team in 3rd to lose out on promotion to a team who finished in sixth over For me the game is entertainment and I want to see my team in with a shout of promotion for as long as possible.  The league looks wide open this year with no "banker" to finish first. Verdy probably don`t have enough for top two but top six? I reckon so. It`ll be close though with a pile of teams all finishing within a gnats chuff of each other last season. The Greens finished 5th for the second season running but the next six teams were seperated by just THREE points.
The Boys have already kicked off the pre-season with a shoeing of JFL side Tochigi 11-3 over four matches played over different lengths of time. Abe, Josimar, Alex, Nishi and Kajikawa amongst the scorers. The Boys will be packing buckets and spades next week for the annual training Camp, this year to be held in Kochi-ken. Roll on March 4th!!!!!! The big kick off against J2 new comers Matsumoto Yamaga. For the complete list of 2012 fixtures click on the Misery Link as normal.

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