Sunday, March 25, 2012

Are You a Peter Puffer Pyle??!!!

A jelly donut Sir...(Especially for Unkle Derik on his Birthday)
No I`m not, but I have been busy as f@@K lately with work, add this to a temperamental Sky dish and a  heads up on 5 quid a month deal for all UK Sky Sports package to my computer and what do you get? No nothings on Verdy for the last three games. Have we missed anything? Well the Boys are unbeaten following (another) 4-1 thumping of Toyama, a 0-0 borefest with what looks a good contender to be the 2012 shittest pro team in Japan; Yokohama FC and todays 2-0`er  over Thespa Kusatsu. I didn`t see one minute of any of the games due to the above, but Verdy are in 4th place which is joint highest that we have been at any point for the last two seasons  so nice one!! Onwards and Upwards and Back to Normal Service next week.

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