Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top of the Pops Like Tizer

Looks full of goodness here. 
Three points tomorrow against Tokushima Vortis coupled with an M-Size Bellmare loss and Verdy will be somewhat rarer than a 17 legged, green eyed, unopened, first edition, 10" folding gatefold sleeve,stickers still intact, sleeve unmarked, signed by all members of the ORIGNAL line up before the first album with the misspelt B-side Groove Machine. Number1Top DogNumeroUnoBig Boss ManChiefIchi-banCockOfTheFurkinNorth!!! They`ll most likely bollocks it up, but for now I`ll be in the living room living the dream.
In other news captain Yuki Kobayashi and new signing Kenyu Sugimoto have both been invited to train with the U-23 squad.

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