Sunday, June 6, 2010

The 2010 Marcus Tulio Tanaka World Cup Slaphead Challenge!!

The challenge is to get Tanaka to admit his baldness and do the decent thing  before Japan get knocked out of the World Cup. This is one of the best Japanese players we are talking about here!! Love him or (most people) hate him, the man is struggling to admit to something that he should be proud of!! Think Duncan Goodhew!! Yuel Brinner!!Mini Me!! David Armstrong!! Schillaci!! My Uncle Don!! That Italian ref...Romper Stomper!! This Is England!! The man is the effectively the damn (along with Kawashima) protecting the Japanese goal line, the last thing Japanese fans want is him worrying about his aliceband / Brylcreem / camera angle / hair-for-life-advert. If you know Tanaka, his family, friends, are a fellow proud baldy, or just want to help Japan last more than the usual in the World Cup spread the word and  please TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE!! THE BLOG THAT NO-ONE READS IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD!!

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