Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oi!!!!!!....50p `ead!! Boing! Boing! Boing!

1-1 today folks though it was definately a case of two points dropped as opposed to a point won. Again Verdy`s lack of a decent striker saw them fluff their lines with three golden opportunities to either take the lead or score a second...... ALL FREE HEADERS AND ALL WIDE OF THE TARGET FROM THE EDGE OF THE SIX YARD BOX!!! The first doinged off the corner of Toshiyuki Takagi`s riceball shaped head within minutes of the kick off, the second skewed off  the point on Hiramoto`s forehead and the final one hit the 90 degree corner of Takahashi`s perfectly square head. Nothing to do with skill today folks, Coach Kawakatsu`s lack of "Overall Squad Headshape"  forethought  has cost us two points.....The first half was to be honest tough to watch, both teams struggled to build up any kind if rythmn and with both goalkeepers having little to do. Oita scored on a nice move from their Korean striker Bum Fun Joy (or something.....) who skipped past (as in beat easily he didn`t have a rope or anything) four Verdy covering players, laid Tomisawa on the deck with a nice fake and slotted sweetly past Doi. A rare moment of quality in an otherwise dull first 45.
Second half, and Verdy were to have the majoirity of possession for the duration, Kawano eqaulised with a sweet first time strike after being played through by Fukuda. He came across a screen of defenders to lash home from just inside the box. Then came the fluffed chances from Hiramoto and Takahashi and once again Doi had to be on guard at the end to save the points. Verdy once again proved that they aren`t SO bad, they are definately a different team to the junk that could be seen at the start of the season. Verdy are simply a couple of decent strikers away from being more than midtable also rans. It`s annoying to know exactly what the problem is but know that Verdy in the current financial situation can do nothing about it. Ho-hum!!
One more game then it`s the break for the World Cup, let`s hope the Boys can round off the first half of the season with 3 points next week to go into the break on a high.
Finally, those African Horns that the tosspot  TV companies are making such a fuss about "spoiling their broadcast" looked bloody noisy at the Oita game today. I`ve ordered one for myself and shall be blowing the thing like a prozzy on piecework next week should England beat The Yanks!!!


  1. Hello friend...i'm the writer of the spanish Verdy blog. How are you??

    Really Verdy could be disappear at the end of the season?? If is true...i'll feel so sad...

    This problem couldn't be solved in a few years??

    Congratulations for your blog.

    Verdy's heart forever.

  2. Hi there!! It`s a very real possibility unfortunately. The club is hugely in debt and with the levels of support 4/5,000 fans, a lack of sponsorship, (no shirt sponsor) and the withdrawal of NTV from the club, the figures just don`t add up. Ajinomoto must cost a fortune to rent (it`s not owned by Verdy or FC Tokyo) and with all the other standard outgoings, staff wages etc the clubs debts will continue to grow. The club has been living beyond it`s means for years and now that NTV has stopped writing the cheques to bail out the club, the club has a real possibility of going to the wall. There is talk of the J-League funding the club until the end of the season and then they will review the finances. At this time, if the league feel that Verdy will be unable to find the sponsorship to pay off the debts or at least be able to complete the 2011 season, that will probably be it for Verdy in the J-Leage. The name might continue to be used at a lower level but Verdy could become the first club to be booted out of the J-League. Verdy will have ZERO income for the month of June because of the World Cup break so the league is rightly concerned as to how Verdy can complete the season on their own. As stated before, the problems of pre-season haven`t been solved, they have just been put to one side. At the moment it is anyones guess as to whether we will still have anyone to write about in 2011.