Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crap Hair Day Verdy 1-1 Yokohama England 2 -1 Japan

As the financial problems escalate at Verdy HQ The Boys took to the field against a resurgent Yokohama FC. Doi was tested within a minute of the kick off doing well to tip over a long ranger in what was to be a busy afternoon for him. Yokohama have been blowing hot and cold all season and came into the game off the back of a 4-0 thrashing of Sagan Tosu. Much has been made this week of Toshiyuki Takagi`s free kick in the last round but it was to be Yokohama this week who would open the scoring with a well executed free kick from a good distance outside the box. The first half was a lively affair with Doi called upon on a number of ocassions to save the day. 1-0 down at half time and Verdy were to probably shade the second half in terms of posession and the equaliser came from a superbly delivered free kick into the box from Yoshiaki Takagi an inswinger right into the danger zone between the six yard box and the penalty spot. It brough the keeper out but Tsuchiya got the touch first to send the ball goalward and open his account for the season. It seems Tsuchiya is really enjoying his football this season, on two ocassions yesterday he was seen galloping down the sidelines like a man half his age, chasing the ball, beating defenders with his speed(??!!) I kid you not. The game played out to a 1-1 draw but not before Oguro was twice denied by Doi in injury time. The first was a bullet header which luckily was directed straight at Doi and the second a lashing shot from about 8 yards out which Doi reached at full stretch to bat away for a corner. Doi has been excellent recently and is proving there is still a bit of juice left in the tank. With regards to the financial mess that Verdy are in with talk of J-League takeovers, possible relegation to the JFL or a complete liquidation it was great to see the supporters yesterday unfurling a banner at half time lending their support to the club, suggesting they will "always be there no matter what" .The supporters of Verdy have been through the mill this season and still they come, not that many granted but there ARE some who still care. I enjoyed the game yesterday a good tussle between two teams with pretty much nothing to play for which was in complete contrast to the England v Japan game.
England especially had everything to play for as if you belive the press, certain players places on the plane to South Africa were up for grabs. If you want to read a detailed report on the why`s and wherefors of the game then look somewhere else, I`ll leave my analysis at England were poor and if they play like that against anyone decent they will be out of the tournament and Japan will still be on the first plane home even though they played quite well. No forwards + no goals  = return flight to Narita.
Finally one thing that must be mentioned is the state of Tulio`s hair. Give it up mate!! Embrace your baldness!! Don`t be ashamed, as a member of the baldy(ing) bretheren myself I implore Tulio to be at one with his slap. If he`s gonna be facing the cameras of the world pointing at the name on the back of shirt in celebration in South Africa he might want to think about the frizzy, Terry Nutkins inspired, shredded wheat, wraparound, alicebanded, undercut monstrosity above the shirt. Preening and posing is fine if you have the hair to pull it off. Nakazawa has crap hair, Okubo too is guilty of crap hair though he is crap as a player too. In fact in a crap hair World Cup I think Japan might outstanding favourites led by the one and only Tulio or maybe this guy......

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  1. Great recap Nick.
    Always be there no matter what. Enough said.
    Then, Now, Forever Verdy !
    See ya mate ;)