Monday, May 3, 2010

Wise Up Sucker!! Verdy 1 - 1 Sagan Tosu

Great performnce for 93 minutes though unfortunately the game went for 94 minutes and in the 94th minute we were awful!! Things are looking surprisingly rosy in the Green camp however, OK we dropped two points but we played like we knew how to win a football match (for 93 minutes). As entertainment I`ll take 93 minutes of good attacking, exciting football with a draw than 94 minutes of dirge and 3 points as in the Gifu match. For a do or die result I`ll call for the dirge everytime but I don`t think I could stomach 36 Gifu games in one season.
The Boys started off lively with Hiramoto like a man possessed. He was straight at the Sagan defence right from the first whistle, hustling, bustling, barging and scrapping for every ball that came his way. Ably supported by Kawano, Iio and Kikuoka on the attack easily switching from a two man to a four man wave. This was great stuff!! And more of what we want to see!! The goal was to come courtesy of Hiramoto as he bulldozed his way through from the half way line, (probably) fouled his marker on the way through and slotted past the keeper in some style. Hiramoto is the man with the professional knowhow of how to get into the positions and know what do once he is in the position. 2 in 2 for him and looks like more to come. At the moment as us white, English, middle (ish) aged PLAYERS are so apt to say "He `da man" "He `da man" "Who `da man?" "He da `man" at the moment.
OK, so the last minute we gave away a goal on a free header from a corner what do you expect?? This is Verdy!! So what!! Verdy were entertaining, I enjoyed watching them for two games straight now and long may it continue starting with Sapporo tomorrow!!

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