Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sapporo 0-0 Verdy. Same line up as the Tosu game chances aplenty for both sides but nothing doing in the end. Kikuoka had the chance of the match with only four minutes on the clock. Iio had wriggled free on the left squared to Kikuoka who was now on the edge of the six yard box with just the keeper to slot past, the keeper flung himself across to bat the ball out for a corner and leave Kikuoka and the rest of the stadium wondering how he didn`t score. Tsuchiya also had a good sight of goal heading agonisingly wide from a Kawano inswinging free kick. Sapporo were also looking dangerous throughout only to be undone by their archtypal "R.S.M.O.Q.P" Quirino. He had chance after chance today and while he was not without a decent touch in the build up play he either fell over his own feet, blasted into the stands or got tackled when about to pull the trigger. Poor fella had an absolute stinker today.. In the second half Tomisawa had a glorious chance with another free header this time from a corner, again wide, Kawano burst through only to have his shot deflected, Iio had another effort just wide. Again Verdy nearly shot themselves in the foot with two free headers in their own box one looping onto the bar and the other flashing wide. No points today and even more disappointingly the end of Golden Week. The noses of the nation including at Nerdy HQ will be firmly pressed back to the grindstones tomorrow morning. It`s been a great Golden Week at Nerdy HQ, maybe not enough goals from the Boys in Green but sunny skies, more football than you can shake a stick at, BBQ season and another game at the weekend. The Bathroom Boys from Thespa Kusatsu ride into town, flicking each other with wet towels, dishing out nipple twisters to the fat kids and drilling holes in the wall to catch a view of trainer bras next door. Porky`s has a lot to answer for.......


  1. Thanks for your recap mate.
    This season will be long, so long...
    But always proud to be in Green !
    See Ya Nick !

  2. We`ve been better in the last few games but the real worry will be at the end of the season when the money problems will come back to the fore.....