Sunday, May 16, 2010

Verdy 1 - 0 Fagiano.... Pimp My Yankee!! Hiramoto Does it Again!!

He`s definately got a dodgy `tache, he`s probably got a bosozoku bike parked outside his house and more than likely a Mrs who wears trakky bottoms and Kitty-chan slippers 24/7 but who cares??!! Kazuki Hiramoto knocked in another winner this afto and that`ll do us at Tokyo Nerdy. 1-0, five games unbeaten and never came close to losing today. Not a game for the neutrals and nothing to do for Doi today though he may be first in the ice bath after the game with a stiff neck through watching every Fagiano effort sail over the top of his goal. The goal came in the first half resulting from a free kick for a foul on Yoshiaki Takagi. Kikuoka swung in the cross and Hiramoto went up with the keeper, the ball fell kindly for Hiramoto who was quickest to react and stab the ball home from the edge of the six yard box. Takagi was on the end of some rough stuff today but handled himself well, no prima donna acting when blatantly fouled just up and at it again. In all likelihood with a bit more J-League coaching we assume this "problem" will soon be ironed out.....Double sending off in the second half with Iio and the Fagiano Captain both recieving their marching orders. Both players went up for a header and following (I assume) a clash on the ground, Iio kicked out at the defender and was rightfully sent off, the TV replays were inconclusive as to what the Fagiano player had done but he was off too. The Fagiano faithfull weren`t at all happy, but I`ve no idea as I couldn`t see......ah what the hell he deserved it filthy animal!!! So what next?? Well it`s JEF United away next week for a real test.Let`s see how we fare against one of the teams already booking their 2011 awaydays. I tell you what though readers; things are looking a lot rosier than a few weeks ago.....OK, we might very well go and lose but as opposed to a few weeks ago, we DO have a chance of being rolled in the flour, farted upon and given a clue!! We at Tokyo Nerdy wholeheartedly support such opportunities!! Onwards and Upwards The Boys March On!!

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