Friday, January 7, 2011

Forward Thinking...

Seems like Kawakatsu knows what the problem was last year...not enough goals. The solution?? Sign as many forwards as possible before the opening game. Joining today (for a loan I think) is Masahiko Ichikawa from Omiya Ardija`s sattelite squad/bench. 25 years old, limited J1 experience but another body to at least give some competition for places. I for one applaud the signings as it shows the Boss can see where the problems were last season. Verdy will never bother the big kids with Hiramoto/Inoue/Iio/Kawano as strikers as the latter two aren`t full on forwards and the second one is shit. At least we will be able to give each new forward the benefit of the doubt until we see them. WITH INOUE AS BACK UP YOU KNOW THE OUTCOME WILL BE SHIT. These new guys have a chance to make a name for themselves and let`s hope they can grab their opportunity with both hands.
Must be cold in the photoshop.....

 According to Furtho at Go!Go! Omiya Ardija " I think Ichikawa could do okay for Verdy, despite his stats. He came to us from university in 2008 but didn't get a sniff of the first team that year, then started to get some playing time at the start of 2009 but very unluckily picked up a serious injury against Gamba in April 09 that kept him out for months.

Ichi was looking pretty promising in this first few appearances and scored at Hiroshima but I think he's found it hard to recapture that since the injury. He did get a decent amount of playing time - mostly, although not all, as sub - in 2010, but if anything he's just a bit too keen. You can tell he's just absolutely desperate to do well and take the chances that come his way... which he then hasn't really done, probably because of that desperation.

I'd say there's a reasonable chance that a year in J2 will enable him to get his confidence back and to reassure himself that he can score goals. He seems like a good kid and I think Ardija fans would love to see him succeed". A decent review, and let`s hope he can do the business!!


  1. Itching for the season to kick off. Why the hell does J-league take such a long break though!

    On a slightly different note, can you recommend any good Japanese Verdy fan sites to check out other than the official one (which like the beer in this country VERY dry), thanks!

  2. Mixi is probably your best bet there. Off season is always boring eh. There is unfortunately no sport in winter. Limited amount of rugby and school boy football aside. I don`t mind a bit of rugby but although schoolboy football is pretty popular I can`t be doing with it.