Sunday, July 25, 2010

Snow Brown and (Just the one) Lucky Dwarf...Verdy 1 -1 Tokushima

There is a saying that goes "if you throw enough shit at the wall some of it will stick" and I also have a friend who once wrote an obsenity on a pub toilet wall with his own "business" so I know it to be true. As you can see in the picture, the slogan in the picture is not an obsenity (though the action of writing such a thing blatantly is) therefore this is absolutely not the work of my friend, his word had four letters, started with "C" ended with "K" and had another "C" in it plus a vowel so "give me two from the top, three from the middle and any others you fancy Carol"..... well the wall tonight must have been made from some some hellishly non sticky stuff as the shots rained down on both goals but the keepers made a grand total of 3 saves between them and after a quick check on the Official J-League Spod-o-Meter the three saves came from 24 shots. Doi made one in the first half and another in the second and the Tokushima goalie made one save in 90 minutes. Poor game and an even poorer result given the circumstances in which the goal was conceded.
Wouldn`t you just know it??!! What happens when you sing somebodys praises?? They immediately go out and do the exact opposite of the praise you have just given....after some superb recent performances and what looked like another clean sheet in the bag, the "the reinforced, inpenetrable, iron curtain, barbed wire, monstrosity that is Verdy`s defence this season" were undone in a straw reinforced, feather boa curtain, Barbara-ed wire, ugly bird fashion.....all this immediately after Verdy`s Official Lucky Dwarf Kazunori Iio bagged his second of the season courtesy of a looping header in the 80th minute. Not much to talk about for the game today.....crap result considering the manner of the goal conceded, not much of a game. We still can`t score more than one goal and only 2,500 were there to see it. Hell of a lightning storm tonight though, I must have seen more fork lightning on my ten minute bike ride from the station back to mine than I`ve seen in my ENTIRE life!! So, the evening wasn`t entirely wasted!! C`mon The Boys!!!

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  1. At least the beer girls were slightly entertaining......