Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Pints o` Lager and a Packet o` Crisps Please!!!

So the second half of the season kicks off this weekend with the Boys lying in 10th position safely above the wooden spooners but unfortunately too far away to be promotion space botherers. First game back and we`re off to SC Tochigi for a run around at their Green Stadium on Sunday evening. SC Tochigi have been the surprise of J2 this season currently flying high and within touching distance of the final promotion spot. They lost their last two before the break so hopefully The Boys can do the business. However, the old problem of scoring goals is still likely to be at the fore without any summer signings to add to the squad. Nevermind though readers we still have another half a season of more than likely meaningless J2 style entertainment to get through but now is the start of the best time of the season.......THE SUMMER NIGHTGAME SEASON!!!!!!!  For those unfamiliar with Japan, in summer it`s as hot and humid as the devils ballbag in summer and the J-Leauge in it`s entirity play league games in the evenings for the whole of July, August and into September. There can be fewer more pleasant ways to spend the evening than at the stadium, cold beer and food of choice in hand, Jesus!! Even watching Tokyo Verdy at this time of year is a pleasure!! Welcome back one and all Tokyo Nerdy 1969 readers!! Here we go again!!!


  1. Hello friend, how are you?

    Is there any new about Verdy for the next year? I'm very confused will be a dream for me if Verdy could play next year in J2 although we sell our best players for make money, what do you think about?


  2. Hi Verdino,
    I haven`t seen any news recently but I guess the crunch will come before the start of next season. They got special dispensation to play this season on the back of promises that funding would be found through this season. However, as of yet this funding hasn`t been found so we will have to see what action the league take at the end of the season. It would be too much of a ballache for the league if Verdy were to fold midseason so there were rumours of the League funding Verdy till the end of this season. Wait and see I guess. Good to hear from you again!!