Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oguro gone to FC Tokyo.....

Nothing more to say really, he was wasting his time in J2, as we at Tokyo Nerdy stated pre-season, "Why score tap ins in J2 when he could be scoring tap ins at the lower end of J1??" Cheers for the goals and let`s hope the only goals he scores at Ajinomoto from now on are in his own net!!


  1. A goal on his debut, typical. You'd think he'd sort his basin out though!

  2. I think the Friar Tuck is a most underrated "do". You could write a whole encyclopedia about the state of Japanese male hair...... Oguro`s seems quite tame in comparison to some of the DISGRACES you see out there!! What`s your name Mr. Anonymous?? Or shall we stick with Mr. Anonymous?? Mr.Anonymous is fine as long as you put "Mr" in the title:)!!