Monday, August 16, 2010

Call The Cops?? Verdy 2 - 1 Sapporo

After last weeks superb victory over Reysol, Verdy followed up with a complete domination of Sapporo. The score line doesn`t reflect the game in that The Boys should have run up a cricket score. It was actually Sapporo who were to take the lead early on with a nice sliced pass to open up Tsuchiya and Tomisawa, the striker lifting the ball over Doi nicely. However, the lead was to last only 3 minutes as Kikuoka got his second of the season, slotting home a rebound from Yoshiaki Takagi`s effort which the keeper had blocked. Following this it was Tokyo Verdy pressure for the rest of the game. Chance, after chance, came and went, Iio recalled to the line up was busy, an overhead went the wrong side of the post he dragged a shot wide, Tomisawa hit the bar from a header, Yoshiaki Takagi had the miss of the game when free in the box he got his bearings wrong and fired wide, Hiramoto had a headed miss when clear though it was to be Hiramoto who would finally get the winner in the 83rd minute. The ball came over from the left he was free in the six yard box and slotted home comfortably to make up for his earlier mishap.
So where do we go from here?? Well JEF won so we are still 6 points behind the final promotion spot but the way the possibilities have opened up is quite incredible. The team has grown massively this season after the dirge of the first few games. We have no goalscorers, no "stars" yet here we are talking about the possibility of snaeaking into the end of season reckoning. At the moment it remains only that; a small possibility but to be even in with a chance is fantastic. The team are playing out of their skins to their absolute maximum and I for one (for once.......) am proud to Green. This might be the last hurrah who knows?? At least if they are going to go out it`s gonna be with a bang rather than a whimper!!


  1. Amazing. Another win for the boys, I'm in England at the moment so missed this one but I've been a Verdy for ooooooh.....four months now (since- it's been one win after another. Let's hope that the boys can at least mount a decent promotion attempt, although I suspect a heavy defeat, followed by a slide back into mid-table obscurity is more likely until the team finds a half decent forward.

  2. Well you seem like a lucky omen so, welcome aboard the good ship Green!!.... and if you could spread the word as much as you can back in the UK about the (currently) 23rd best team in Japan that would be great:)!!

  3. Great victory, mates! :-) Not only we take the 3 points but also, as I could read, the players did a nice football.

    If every player do his best football and score some goals maybe we don't need a striker.

    ¡Vamos Verdy!

  4. To be honest selling Verdy to the English would be like selling marmite to the Japanese, it ain't gonna happen. Still, I'll be back to the land of the rising yen next week to enjoy more misery.

  5. Probably right but we can but try!!