Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update on Kawano`s Yellow Card and Blown Gasket....

Tomisawa`s banged up chest after his run in with Kawano....Ouch!!
According to reports, Kawano`s yellow card was indeed for time wasting but the reasons for his spaz attack have seemingly just come to light. Apparently, he put the ball down for the corner and was taking his time to deliver the ball. He was ready to go and then the linesman told him to put the ball fully inside the triangle. He then went back to the ball to replace it at which point the referee got his yellow out. Kawano then asked the linesman to explain to the ref that HE had asked him to replace the ball to which the linesman claimed not to have said anything. Then BOOM!! Off went Hiroki.....if this report is true then we had possibly  the biggest muppet in the league running  the line last week. A poor booking indeed and if the ref had given a further yellow for his outburst (which he could easily have done) then it would have been an absolute scandal. However, luckily the only thing to show for it is probably some nipple twist marks on Seitaro Tomisawa`s boobs.....


  1. What an injustice!!:o Do you think that the red card against Kawano will be removed to play against Consadole?

  2. Hi Ultranippon, he will be available for Consadole, he didn`t ACTUALLY get a red card, though his behaviour could have warranted a further yellow had the referee been picky.

  3. Once again, great post Nick, always funny ;)
    J-league referees? enough said...
    Right now, beat Consadole, Olé !
    See ya guys.

  4. Sorry boys I was wrong he has been banned for TWO games. What a joke!!