Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Luck Required!! Verdy 1 - 0 Kashiwa Reysol

Cloudy today folks....
Top of the league, unbeaten at home or away and the meanest defence in J2..... Kashiwa Reysol away is always a tough trip for Verdy and The Boys have recieved some shoeings there over the years. Not last night though!! Verdy turned out their performance of the season and got the better of a team with one foot in J1 already. From back to front, top to bottom the 11 starters rolled up their sleeves and took the game to Reysol. No sitting back, The Boys got into Reysol and upset their passing game and were able to impose themselves to such an effect the Reysol were forced to change formations and make a change after only 20 minutes. Kawano who has been indifferent of late, turned up big time with some top quality passing and the same goes for Kikuoka. The defence was watertight and though Reysol got through a couple of times Doi was on hand to snuff out any danger.
Tomisawa with a salmon-esque leap!! Thump!! 1-0 Verdy!!
Verdy were to take a 36th minute lead through Captain Tomisawa who has been solid as a rock of late. Kikuoka supplied an inswinging cross from the left which Tomisawa came thundering in towards to leap and head powerfully home. Tomisawa has come in for some fully deserved criticism in the past but credit where it`s due, he has been superb since his early season malaise. Looks like Captain Birds Eye might be facing the sack......
The other two talking points of the game both involved Hiroki Kawano. It was he who broke through the Reysol back line only to be dragged back by Reysol`s Korean centre half Park Dong Hyuk. Park got a red card for his troubles and deservedly so. He was the last man, he dragged Kawano down and that was it. Kawano made a bit of a meal of going down but the foul was there. Verdy pressed as you would expect when facing 10 men and sure enough the goal came shortly after. Verdy were to continue to press for a further cushion but it was to be Reysol who would cause most of the danger in the second half. The game swung dramitacally into Reysols favour after a slighly bizzare turn of events. Hiroki Kawano was taking a corner and (probably rightly so) got booked for time wasting. He went ape shit at the linesman, squared up and started shoving  Tomisawa who (along with half of the team) was trying to calm him down. Goalkeeping coach Maeda got involved and promptly got himself sent off, presumably for something he said to the linesman. Anyway, following this the Verdy goal was under siege for the remainder, Doi also got booked for time wasting (this time undeserved I thought) and Verdy held on for the win. So Verdy have now beaten the top two teams away so what now??
Probably uninspiring defeats in the next couple of games...This is Tokyo Verdy people!!!!
Courtsey of our good friend  UltraVerdy, higlights of Verdy`s win of the season can be found here... watch and enjoy!!


  1. Another great victory and now we are close to JEF :). Vamos Verdy!!

  2. Hi Ultranippon,
    It really was a great performance. Best Ive seen in a LONG time. Fight, spirit, superb defending. All we need now is 500,000,0000 yen to pay off the debts, a load more supporters and a prolific goal scorer:)!!

  3. Hi guys in green !
    Fantastic win for us, in a tough place (and sad memories too, remember 2005 with the 1st relegation... 5-1 loss).
    COME VERDY, we'll never die !
    Cheers mate !

  4. Hi UltraVerdy,
    All I said to Ultranippon goes your way too!! Could be the last season so lets keep it up till the end!!

  5. Hi Nick! Hi Ultraverdy! Of course here will be the greens all around the world till the end :). I think the spirit is the most important thing that any team must have!

    If Verdy goes to J1 things will be easier and maybe this can save Verdy because in J1 there will be partners to put money.

    See you! Vamos Verdy!

  6. Its a nice idea but even after these last two great results we are still a million miles away from J1. Even if we got that far there is still no guarantee that anyone would put any money in or that the J League would let us in given that they are bankrolling us at present. Unfortunately, Verdy is very weak in basic fan numbers, would be impossibly weak for an attempt at J1 survival with no additions to the current playing staff and is massively in debt. The company/individual willing to put money into such an entity would have to either be CRAZILY rich or just crazy. Certainly if they did somehow manage to get promotion they would be a more attractive proposition but it`s long way till the end of the season. Even after the fantastic result against Reysol and given that this weekend in a national holiday, the game is also being played at the most easily accessible ground (Olympic Stadium) lets just see how many fans turn up for the Sapporo game. That will be an indicater of just how attractive an option Verdy are....:(

  7. Let's go Verdy, i have the expectation that Verdy could up to the J League 1. Is our last oportunity to save the team and if Verdy died we died too.

    The debt is too much long, 4,5 million Euros, but i was thinking one posibility, how much money Verdy could win if sell (Kawano, Shibasaki, Tomisawa, Oguro and Doi), Doi is old but i'm secure that his salary is too hight, this could be a solution?

    Verdy never die in our hearts

  8. Ive no idea how much they could get, transfer fees\wages are rarely openly mentioned unless said player goes abroad. Thinking about it though Kawano would have a buyer no problem, possibly at the lower end/middle of J1, Shibasaki is solid but never spectacular as a J2 stopper, Tomisawa is in the best form of his career at the moment so could get a fee (though please remember he has been god awful at times until recently), Oguro has gone already. The Takagi brothers could also command a fee based on potential. Though all in all probably not enough to dig Verdy out of the current hole. Without major investment its difficult to see how they can continue next season even if they sold EVERYONE and played with teenagers. Lets hope they can continue up the table and attract some interest:)!!