Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Verdy!!

Coach: Ryoichi Kawakatsu (The front of Chofu 7-11)
Def: Masaki Yoshida (Yokohama FC)
Def: Ryo Nurishi (FC Kariushi)
Def: Ryoji Fukui (Cerezo Youth via some University)
Def: Lee Chi Song (JEF United Reserves JFL)
Def: Adigun Adebayor Jr. (Reysol)
Mid: Saeki Naoya (JEF United)
Mid: Koya Shimizu (Sagan Tosu)
Mid: Shinichi Mukai (SC Tochigi)
Mid: Takuro Kikuoka (Mito Hollyhock)
Mid: Takuma Abe (some University)
Mid: Hiroki Ebisawa (Verdy Youth via some University)
Mid: Toshiyuki Takagi (Verdy Youth)

Are they any good?? Judging by where they have come from (the reserves of relegated J1 teams, the bottom end of J2 teams, JFL, universities and Verdy Youth) , I doubt any of these boys will be booking tickets to South Africa in the summer but can they do a job in J2??.For now they get the benefit of the doubt and being as the coach has stated that he is "Just happy to be able to start the season..." and "A return to J1 is going to be very difficult this season" they will get the benefit of the doubt for a tad longer than normal. There have been no grandstanding predictions of a quick return or of steamrollering anyone this season. Survival is the name of the game, ie still being around in 2011. Always good to see young players coming in, let`s hope they can do a job. Also the first foriegner slot has been filled by one Adigun Adebayor Jr. 19 years old Nigerian stopper from Reysol. Welcome aboard one and all!!

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