Monday, January 4, 2010

While you were out..

So, what`s been happening in the Green world since we`ve been away?? Well Captain Bigtree got the boot and they brought in Takeo Matsuda to take over the coaching duties. Is he any good?? Well history states that he served his time on the Verdy women`s team (as a manager not as a player involved in any kind of Thai ladyboy hormone pill induced shenanigans). He saw some success as Verdy women (unlike Verdy men) are traditionally pretty strong.
Just run that by me again...So we`ve hired a women's coach with no J League experience whatsoever?? Yes. Righto, now there are 2 ways to look at this:

1. An inspired decision?? This would be the result if we had an enlightened board of directors steaming across the gender divide with forward thinking and bucking the trend of football worldwide. After all, coaching success is all about winning right??? Doesn`t matter if your coaching men, women or trained chimps playing hopscotch. Winning is winning.

2. A desperate decision?? This would be taken by a board of directors who haven`t got two `alfpennys to rub together who have run out of ex-players to step into the breach. This board still want to hire from within...they can`t do it directly so they go sideways.

I`ll go with the latter. Results wise we picked up a touch over the tale end of the season though still finished a disappointing 7th a mammoth 24 points from the promotion places. More worryingly, at no point over the course of the season did we look anything like challenging. There was the run of 6 wins in mid season but the early season malaise had already seen us fall too far behind and when the inevitable slump returned, it was good bye Captain Bigtree.

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