Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stackin` Boxes, Dodgin` Coffins in The Dead Pool

Everybodys Choice Pick in The Dead Pool 2010 TokyoVerdy; have officially been given permission to play in J2 next season after securing 540,000,000 yen in sponsorship, thus enabling them to complete their allocated fixtures.By my understanding the minimum required to get to the starting line is 500,000,000. If my thinking is correct this means we have an operating budget of 40,000,000 yen (about the equivalent of 10 first year players salaries.....) plus what we can make from season tickets,shirts, pens and teddy bears on match day. The men in the suits are predicting another rough ride financially for 2010 with expenditure still outweighing income. Anyhow, financial meltdown has been avoided (for now at least).....The Green Rollercoaster is up for another lap!! Tak-tak-tak-tak-tak as she climbs up for the first drop!!

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