Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Cold Wind Blows Down The Funakoshi Corridor....

That`s right folks, the mentally retarded looking great lump in the centre of the picture has left. Possibly the most obviously limited footballer ever to pull on the Green, Yuzo "I`m The Tallest Player in the J-League" Funakoshi has signed on for SC Sagamihara, Winners of the Kanagawa Prectural 3rd Division in 2009. Kanagawa Prefectural 3rd that must be an absolute dogshit level of football. Played 38 games in 3 years, scoring 9 in the process. Best remembered for his inability to win a single header in 3 seasons despite being the "Tallest Player in the J League", a crab like ability to pass only sideways and the pace of a stoned arthiritic snail.On the plus side his enthusiastic and urgent pointing and clapping ......along with his two goal performance to clinch promotion back to J1 2007 will live long in the memory of even the most cynical of the Verdy ranks. The Funakoshi Corridor still stands at Verdy HQ, a permanent reminder of the The Donkey`s greatest achievement.

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