Tuesday, January 12, 2010

By George!! Takagi`s Gone!!

Mr. Bush for once is right. Presidenting is indeed hard work. Suffice to say as President (and possibly only member) of the VERY recently formed Yoshinari Takagi Goalkeeper Fantastico Memorial Association, it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that our stalwart keeper has upped and gone to Nagoya Grampus 8.  To be fair, why sit on the bench in J2 when you can sit on the bench in J1. The seats are probably a bit more padded. Maybe Stjokovic has got some Recario jobs in  from Europe!! . Must be great to sit in those. Have to say if I was on the bench on one of those I`d take along a PSP, crash helmet and driving gloves, strap myself in a do a few laps....Daytona USA, bit of Outrun, Colin McRae Rally and the like. "Prost... Senna... Mansell... Nerdy!! Neeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaauuuuuuummm!!!

Takagi (Not So) Pretty in Pink after being blitzed by Reysol to be sent crashing to J2 for the first time.A game we had to win and lost 5-1.....

On a slightly serious note, I can honestly say I`m pretty dissappointed to see him go. He`s been around since day one of  the Nerdy Years.Fully understand his reasoning though: WE LICKED BALLS for the entirity of last season and he still didn`t get a game. Two years on the bench is enough for anyone to take (unless they have the Recario seats of course). Overall on his best days , a semi decent keeper, good shot stopper but generally and overall D-O-D-G-Y. Scored a goal once and also gave away a terrible penalty in the last minute only to get up and save the spot kick. Also probably the only reserve keeper to have his own seating area named after him. Former sporter of  THE worst pissy yellow dandelion "do" in the league and his trademark pink goalie top to boot. Jesus!!That just about sums us up.......

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