Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There IS a God!! Leandro also packs his bags...and Kawano Stays??

Goodbye and Goodnight!!

TokyoVerdy Offical Mard Arse of the last two seasons has also left. No real surprise here but there will be dancing in the streets of.....my living room tonight!! Back in his basket!! Utterly useless and one of the most irritatingly petulant players ever, must rank near the top of The Ramdom Samba Merchant Of Questionable Pedigree lists. Goodbye Leandro!! You were TERRIBLE!!

A further peice of good news this morning reader(s)!!According to the ever reliable sports papers of the nation; Verdy have managed to hang on to starlet Hiroki Kawano despite offers from Cerezo, Vissel and local dirtbags FC Tokyo. Is he the smartest peanut in the turd?? Clearly not, but he is certainly the best peanut winger in the turd of Green. Apparently after considering the offers he thought, and I quote "Yappari, I like Verdy". Well thanks Hiroki, me too. Glad to have you aboard!!  Time IS on his side. He had an unfortunate year with injuries in 2009 but when on form he is one of the few bright lights in the team. Let`s hope he can turn it on in 2010 and single handedly fire us to J1 and be sold for a quadrillion yen in December.

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